Joel Weidl is coaching improv!

Hey all,

I want to coach or direct your team/group/troupe/band. I've been doing improv and sketch for a long time now and have taken loads of great classes. You can see me improvise every Saturday with Death by Roo Roo, around town with the US National Improv Team, or around the country with the UCB TourCo! You might also remember me from Lloyd night and Harold night with Graceland.

I love this stuff, and want to help you understand it better and feel like you have a confident grip on how to create comedy YOU feel good about. Commitment. Integrity. Improvising Form. Having fun on stage. These are things I'm way into. I'm happy to teach forms (we will do Harolds, macroscene, documentary, any of the old standards) or develop forms, and help you focus up on class concepts or get you polished for that BIG SHOW.

I'm also an experienced director and would love to make your sketch show POP!

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Joel Weidl is one of the best coaches I've had the pleasure of working with. He's coached Warren a number of times now, and I feel like I accomplish something after every session.

His exercises always have a purpose and always result in better scenes/sets. They build on each other from exercise to exercise and practice to practice.

He knows what a scene needs, and he knows how to communicate that. His notes are pointed and constructive.

He will make you a better improvisor. He will make you a better team. Cannot recommend him highly enough.
Joel coaches Warren all the time and he's great. He's focused, fun and has good and specific exercises to push you to the limit! Sports Chalet!


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Joel is great, you guys. I've asked Joel to sub for me a bunch of times and every group he has worked with has LOVED him. He's confident and straight forward while still being a good time.

Hire him!!