IRC Reliability

In the last week, the IRC...

  • has become much less reliable and slow to use

    Votes: 12 41.4%
  • has become somewhat less reliable and slow to use

    Votes: 13 44.8%
  • is about the same performance wise

    Votes: 2 6.9%
  • performs somewhat better than before

    Votes: 2 6.9%
  • performs much better than before

    Votes: 0 0.0%

  • Total voters
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While over the last three months I think reliably has been lower (the peak of what I found to be about a year long decline), in the last two weeks it's been slightly more reliable. But that's just my experience.


Among Men, Dunford
Also in terms of reliability, I can count on feeling creeped out whenever Reenie flirts with Ben, feeling generally frustrated and scared that people might actually take it seriously whenever Ben presents himself as being an improv expert and/or asks a "question" about "your long-form improv," and frightened for our country when I realize that Hawkins represents the level of discourse of the vast majority of the American voting public. That's an IRC that I can count on. That's reliability.


Captain Awesome
I voted with the thought in mind that I couldn't log in at all last night.
Kept getting some error saying FORBIDDEN, much like Brando at the end of Superman.

Then I read Dunford's post.
If that's the context, I'd like a do-over.


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I keep asking my ISP what the problem is and their response is always, "It's up now, check again."

I'll be moving sometime over the weekend.


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They finally gave me answer... but it's too late, the gears are already moving forward:

Hi Kevin;

Actually a few things were causing the issues;

1. A domain was found to be using more than their fair share of server resources causing timeout issues.
2. cPanel auto-updates were wrecking with file system permisions.
3. A failed apache/php update also was part of it for yesterday.

All of these though have been rectified and should no longer be an issue.



esprit de l'escalier
I've been having problems with "server not responding" a lot, and I see my most recent post in the thread, but it doesn't show up in the thread title page as the last post, which at the time of me typing this, it is.


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Yes, I'm aware that there are some database/server issues. It has not been debilitating yet. I'll open a ticket with my ISP and ask them if they know what is going on.
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