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My name is Elliot Udell. I completed all of the courses at UCB, the Magnet and took Krompf with Amey Goerlich. I have been on two Indie teams and am always looking to be in more practice/performing groups.
Hello everyone!
My name is Trevor and I am from Lafayette Louisiana. I got into improv 2 years ago after taking some classes with a local troupe, and looking anyway to practice the art.
Hopefully I can find a troupe to join, or start my own one day.

I am still pretty new and appreciate all the information!


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My name is Jenn Bianchi. I teach improv at PIT-Chapel Hill and I coach a few teams in the Raleigh/ Durham area of NC. I love improv and I am always looking for fun exercises to help drive learning while approaching longform in creative and fun ways. Thanks in advance for being a super dope resource!