Introduce yourself here:

Hello, my name is Kevin. I have no improv experience but I have been a long time fan of it. I will be taking some classes here soon to fulfill a lifelong dream.
Paul Tabachneck

Hi! My name is Paul Tabachneck.

I moved to New York from Pittsburgh just under 4 years ago to pursue my singer-songwriter career. I had done a lot of short-form improvising, thanks to a weekly open game-based jam called Friday Nite Improvs. We had a few troupes in town that were doing long-form, which was always very interesting to me.

When I first got here, I scoffed at the idea of taking a 101 after 15+ years of yes-anding, and an independent instructor who shall go nameless (but whose name has been spoken by a LOT of people I talk to this about, without my prompting) took advantage of my vanity, and got me all het up about independently starting up a troupe from scratch (with, of course, an eight-week class). I was assured they would be experienced pros, and we'd be doing long-form. By the end of the class we had an eight-game show with three individual pieces and a hokey name, your basic garden-variety talent show. It went over well, but I was crushed.

A few months ago, I stopped into UCBEast to cheer myself up in the wake of being dumped, and stumbled upon the jam. A few weeks later, I was signed up for 101, and I'm starting my 201 in January. I love it! I'm very excited about unlocking all of the secrets of the Game and the Harold, meeting a host of new people, and finding a place in this scene where I can be both fruitful and helpful.

Nice to meet you all!
Hello, my name's Shingo I'm from Hawaii I'm not in school but wish I was haha

Can't say I take any improv classes or acting classes because I honestly don't know of any here?? ANNNYYYWAAAY yeah I hope I can learn a lot from being here
Hello, I'm Justin from close to Pittsburgh. I have been a fan of improvisational humor and a comedy nerd in general for several years. Will be taking my first improv class at Steel City Improv in February.
Hi, I'm Nate. I moved to New York in late 2010 and started my first improv class at UCB in September of 2011. I've been in love with it ever since.

Finally decided to register on this board because everyone I've met in the NYC improv community has been wonderful, so why stop there?
hi my name is faris and I'm an improviser.

based in dubai (UAE) and am running improv workshops - but am also looking to improve a module I developed for companies to develop creative thinking, team building & communication skills in the work place.

anyone with experience with this or any ideas?
Hello there,

My name is Drew and I took 101-401 @ UCB. It's been a few years but im looking to get back into the game. Does anyone have any advice, or know anyone who is looking for a awesome addition to add to their practice group? thanks let me know.
Hello my name is Erica but you can call me Rica if you like. I've taken improv classes in NYC and have been living in LA for 3 years and have the improv bug again. The reason why I've been bitten is because I miss the raw connection that I have with fellow performers while I'm on stage. The my name is Gypsy thread has been a fantastic read as a reminder of why I loved improve so much and how applicable improv is to life. I'm looking forward to getting my feet wet in LA and for now am enjoying taking free classes at MonkeyButler.:up:

Hey everyone. My name is Ronny. I am a sketch writer who took up improv for writing inspiration. In the process I discovered I like improv much more than sketch. I moved to New York to pursue this life more. I'm not all that good, but I am having a blast. I take classes, practices, and jams at The PIT. I'm done incoherently babbling now. Good night!
Yoseph Brosephs! My name is Paige, and I'm a student at Webster University in St. Louis. We have a small improv club, and I'm the president (yaaaaaay). I'm just looking to strengthen our troupe and to become more involved with the improv community! I also like people, so feel free to chat with meeeee~!
Hi there! I'm a relatively new improvisor (less than a year). I've taken 3 classes and an intensive with the fine folks at Death By Improv in central NJ. I'm a short form girl by preference and training, but having recently been exposed to long form by watching some AMAZING troupes, my loyalties are wavering. I'm forming a troupe with people I've met along the the way, and trying to find rehearsal space in central NJ (Help!)

New York and Philly are not that far, really, but with a full plate between work and home, it's tough for me to get there. I'd love to see a scene grow in NJ - more troupes and more connections between troupes.

Oh yeah, and I get soppy sometimes.
hey everyone, i recently moved to LA in the beginning of the year and my first class I took was Improv 101 at UCB back in February. I've been loving it ever since, and now I'm on my way to finish 301 and looking forward to 401 and beyond.

I joined to just get absorbed more into the community of improv. I would also love to get into the indie scene more as well.
My name is Jim Little. I live in the St. Louis area with my wife, step-daughter, mother-in-law, and the only other male in the house besides myself, my cat named Saber.

Studied improvisation at The Improv Trick back in 2010. Currently studying improvisation long-form at The Improv Shop in St. Louis. Have always enjoyed entertaining anywhere I could gather an audience, because laughter has always been my drug of choice.

Looking forward to your advice and knowledge.
hi, my name is jon. 23 years old from astoria,ny and i'm currently taking 301 classes at the ucb!

would love to eventually take sketch writing classes.