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I know many of the people who are registered for this board. Either I knew them in Chicago or I met them in NYC. There's a few I recognize from other places like I don't think a lot of people know each other though.

I know that's what profile's are for, but a lot of people don't look at the profiles. So let's all stand up one at a time and introduce ourselves one at a time. I'll start:

My name is Kevin Mullaney, I teach, direct and perform at the UCB theater in NYC. I used to do that at the ImprovOlympic in Chicago.

*nudges the person next to me*
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My name is...

...well, Don Hall.

I am the founder and Executive Director of WNEP Theater in Chicago, a former five-year veteran of Chicago ComedySportz, a former teacher of improvisation at Northwestern University, an actor, improviser, writer, public relations whore, director, and producer.

{turns to the right with an expectant glance}
Well I'm Angie

I Went to college of Dupage for 2 years Went to Columbia college for 2 Years (Graduated) Went to Second City Levle 1-5, Studied at Annoyance, blah blah blah... I am currently in free Assocites show BS, (in Chicago for those that don't know) I also co-produce a Improv/sketch showcase on Saturday Nights called Chemically Imbalanced Comedy. I have a cat named Simion.


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Umm, I don't have to say anything non-theater related do I?

Sean Monahan. Gone through IO, SC and some Annoyance. Been performing in Chicago for around 2 years now. I'm a member of the now defunct 5 Chinese Brothers at IO, The Rooftop Players and LFO, and I've had the extreme pleasure of sitting in with MissionImprovable. I'm also the Corporate Coordinator for the CIF. And I'm a baseball nut.

<i>* steps back into line, smiles awkwardly at next person *</i>
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Patrick Jacobi

IO, Annoyance trained. Acting background. LFO. WNEP--Postmortem, Phobia (What a blast!), various IO teams.

I like films. And books.

I have no pets.



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Uh, ok. . .

Well, I am Brian Amidei.

I am an Actor/ Semi-retired improvisor here in Chicago. I just recently semi-retired from the world of Improv, after about 4 years performing with The Black Sheep at the Playground. I have been through the IO and the Annoyance and am now in therapy to heal the psychological wounds inflicted.
I will be performing in the Lifeline Theatre's World Premiere production of The Return Of The King in the fall.
I will be spending a lot of time at Frankie J's on Broadway between now and then.
Other than that, I am a full time waiter.



How do you pronounce "Been"? Call me that. I'm only a newbie, nubile Level II step-on. I speak English and some German. Ich habe einen Eingeweidebruch. You tell me what that means. That's your call next Harold, Respecto.

Interesting Tidbit: There are only 81 possible topics for a Harold.

Viva la Resistance,
Ben or Been
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I'm Chad Haught. Currently the director and perform in Dallas with Pavlov's Dogs. I've taken private classes from everyone. I performed with Jethro Nolen in college (Freudian Slip) - we were a rich college troupe so we took two trips a year. One to Chicago to take classes from Del, Charna, Mick etc... and another just to play (Disney, NY etc...). Those were the good ole days. I've been doing improv for 7 years. And I can't believe it's been that long.

My name is not Fresca Honey, I heard two women on Seventh Avenue the other day debating the merits of that crisp, refreshing, sugar-free (can you believe it?) treat!

Really, my name is Blair Schulman. I am a writer who has published his first novel, "Love Letters to Myself" and learning improv from Kevin Mullaney as newbie Level II.

Originally, I started improv to break through a very deep writers block and have emerged triumphant with a National Book Award, short list for the Nobel and Keanu Reeves' phone number.
Hello, my name is Mike Powers. I live in Chicago, took class from Mullaney at IO.

Improv = IO (levels 1-5, 5 w/Del twice; teams Smoothie and Pontius Pilate) and Annoyance training; Playground guest ensemble Old Spice (first generation, Spicy Clamato at the U of I)

Theater = a lot, WNEP artistic associate, current cast member of mainstage production "Statuette" (world premiere), which kicks major a$$

other = Entertainment Focus Group (we'll be collecting more data beginning in April) & Central Standard Jug Time Band (I play the banjo and mandolin)

I've owned the domain name for over a year now and haven't done jack with it. is owned by a real estate agent in Pennsylvania.




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Hello, I'm Megan Pedersen. I'm the producer for The Director's Series at the Playground Theater in Chicago and am on staff for CIF as the Improv Til Dawn Coordinator. I've trained at IO, the Annoyance and with Rob Mello through the Artistic Home and performed with teams at IO and the Playground. I have a small film & video production company called Full Deck Productions with fellow improvisers Fuzzy Gerdes and Mark Henderson and editing goddess Allison "Opal" Bazarko. I am also a Black Sheep groupie.

I have two cats - Kato, that is so fat he makes the floorboards in my apartment creak, and Cosette, a toothless old hag with a crumply ear.


Hi, I'm Cholley Kuhaneck. I'm on Malice, a member team of the Playground. I am an artistic associate of WNEP where I perform in PostMortem and am a producer for The Gong Show. I am also coaching one of the Playground incubator teams that will have its first show next Tuesday. I went through IO (where I had Mulaney for, I think, level 2), the Annoyance, and am taking writing classes at Second City now.

My name is Pip Lilly. Yes, that is my real name and no, it is not short for anything.

I live in Chicago and I have been an actor since age 15. I started performing improv sets when I was 18 in Peoria, IL with the stand up comics that would play at the now defunct Madison Ave Bar and Grill Comedy Club where I was a singing busboy (too young to serve drinks).

After trying all sorts of theatrical avenues including a stint in a West End Musical, I ended up at the Second City Training Center and I am now an understudy in TourCo and I understudy David Pompeii in Better Late than Nader at the e.t.c.

my name is eric rutherford. i just moved here from detroit where i went through the second city training center and was a member of the cabinet theatre.

I am on the playground team coached by cholley. I believe our name will be "white noise". i begin classes at the io on saturday.

my name is chris berzac...

and no i'm not an alcoholic. Although i'd like to be. I just finished Level 5B and our show is this weekend. One year of improv in the can, who knows how many more to go. I'm not on a team anywhere. I was an intern at IO for 10 monthes. I love wrestling, I consider myself one of the few people in Chicago who has met and talked to Rob Van Damn.
Thank you very much.
Hi. I'm Lisa Jolley. The name Pickle Jar was lovingly given to my by my teammates on the now-defunct Merkin, the first UCB Harold Team coached by Mullaney.

I've improvised here in NYC with Gotham City Improv, Chicago City Limits Nat'l. TourCo, The Pollyannas, and Armando Diaz' form, Evente. I was a '97 Boom Chicago (Amsterdam) cast member and have taught several workshops there and here, both corporate and strictly for actors.

Currently, I've been devoting all of my time to my solo show, Jolley On The Spot. It's an improvised cabaret; basically an hour of standup and music that's totally improvised. You can see it at this year's CIF!

Your turn--
Hello, my name is George Eckart.

I started improvising in '94 at the <A HREF=""> University of Illinois</a> with a group called Spicy Clamato. After that, I moved back to Chicago (where I was born.) I went through the <A HREF="">ImprovOlympic</A> training center (took <A HREF="">Del</A> twice) and the <A HREF="">Annoyance</A> training center (took Mick twice.)

I have been on many IO productions since '96 including <A HREF="">The Lindbergh Babies</A> and <I>Jedi! A Musical Tour De Force.</I>
I am currently performing with Liar's Beer (IO Harold team) Old Spice (freelance improv.) I am in the <A HREF="">Entertainment Focus Group</A> (at <A HREF="">WNEP</A>) and the <A HREF="">Central Standard Jugtime Band</a> (I play the jug and washbucket bass.)

I work at the <A HREF="">Chicago Tribune</a> on their website.

I have my <A HREF="">own website</a> with my <A HREF="">comics,</a> <A HREF="">design,</a> and <A HREF="">other nonsense.</a> I am a contributor to <A HREF="http://theproducesection">The Produce Section.</a> <A HREF="">Flash</A> is my favorite program.

My <A HREF="">Yahoo Fantasy Basketball Team</A> is currently in 2nd place (out of 11 other teams.) I have <A HREF="">Kobe Bryant</A>, <A HREF="">Allen Iverson</A>, and <A HREF="">Chris Webber</A>; among others. I need 3 pointers and <A HREF="">blocks.</A>
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My name is Doug Moe. Predictably. It is short for Douglas Moe. I am on the wonderful Harold team Dr. Awesome (soon to be Cagematch champs!) at the UCB Theater in NYC. I used to be on Replace Toner when it existed. I'm also in Kathie Lee and the Legion of Good Meet Ricky Martin and the Loca Power Team, now on Mondays. It is fun. I play either a villain or a henchman or a victim and it's big laughs all around. You should go.
Howdy. My name is…

Joe Janes. I took classes at both Second City and IO. Currently, I am the producing artistic director of The Second City - Detroit where I am directing the new mainstage show. Before moving here, I lived in Chicago where I was a founding member of WNEP, member of The Second City Touring Company, director of The Second City's Writing Program and a writer/voice talent for Jellyvision, the creators of "You Don't Know Jack." I'm a vegan and an animal rights activist. I practice extending those rights to my two cats, Houdini and Boffo. They seem to appreciate it. I'll be moving back to Chicago soon, so if anyone knows of a one-bedroom apartment (hardwood floors only!) opening up May 1st, let me know.