Improvious Maximus Booking Out Of Town Teams During DCM

If there are any teams looking to do an extra show DCM weekend while in NY, you should play Improvius Maximus on Friday at 10:30. It will be the most unique improv show you have done in a long time.

Your team has proven you're good enough for the basement of a bar, and maybe you even won a friendly neighborhood cagematch or 3, but how will you fare in our arena; faced with a longform challenge and under Caesar's unsettling syphilitic gaze? Challenge yourselves in the most original improv production in Queens. Part cagematch, part mixer; teams that succeed in Maximus will hear their names ring down the semi-deserted streets of LIC for the ages, teams that fail will contribute to the circle of life and be fed to the lions.
Contact Booking Slave if your team is interested:

Booking slave has notes if you have not stepped into the arena yet and will grant booking preference in honor of the descending of your fortitude.

Face Off creates innovative improv based productions. Our goal with Maximus was to provide long form teams an opportunity to perform in full "show conditions" - with stage blocking, lights, and costumes, in a show that strives to make longform improv accessible to a more mainstream audience. Yes, your coworkers will enjoy this show. Caesar knows how to work a crowd so you don't have to.

Here is the run down on the format: Each Improvius Maximus performance features 3 teams that compete in a faux competition for the pleasure of Mighty Caesar. There are typically two invited indie teams (you) vs a mixer team made up of randomly selected audience volunteers (so please invite your improv friends). Emperor Nero and his entourage, which includes his devoted guard Fortaurrus, his tech booth slave, and his number one slave girl, SG1; interact with audience members who become citizens of Rome, and watch as the teams try to perform a longform set incorporating a challenge dictated by Mighty Caesar.
The show opens with each team introduced to the citizens of Rome as they take the stage and stand before Caesar. After saluting the emperor, Caesar will decide which team shall play first.

For each team's set, Caesar will place upon the performing team a specific challenge, handicap, or goal for their longform. It can be anything from having to incorporate props into the scene work or doing a specific style or genre as decreed by the Nero. Or ANYTHING. Each team will get ~15 minutes for their performance. The guard will step out downstage right when you have reached 13 minutes as your button queue, and we will find a good place for a black out.

After all 3 teams have dazzled the crowd, Caesar will honor the winning team with the rare opportunity to perform a scene with Him...the "finest improviser in all the lands!" This scene will last approx. 3-7 minutes, and we will find a black out.
The show begins at the tail end of The QSIC "House Night", (another show at the Secret Theatre, Queens #1 venue for improv comedy) at 10:30PM. FREE for all improv students from any training center or for anybody who volunteers to sign up to play. Tickets are only $5 for general admission (avail at the door).

Maximus features a team of randomly selected "citizens" who sign up to stand before Caesar as part of a mixer team. The size of the team selected depends on the size of the other teams playing that night, but somewhere between 4-7 players is the norm.

The beer special for performers is $4 beers or 4 for $12!!! You don't even have to get up to get a beer! Slave Girl is there to get them for the citizens of Rome! Wine, soft drinks, and snacks are a available for purchase.

The Secret Theatre in Long Island City
Queens at 44-02 23rd St.
LIC, NY 11101
7 M E G - 23rd St/Court Sq
N Q - Short walk to theatre down 23rd St.
Theatre is in the back of the loading dock, up the stairs, and in the "Little Secret" black box.

Frank Angelini