Improv Triathlon seeks teams

So, Theatre Above the Law is having an Improv Triathlon! Here are the details and let us know if you're interested:

For 3 weeks (Sundays, 8pm in July) 3 different teams of 3 (9 total) will compete for audience votes in 3 rounds all using the same one suggestion the whole night.

ROUND 1. Short form 5 minute game - Audience votes for winner of Short form. Winner gets to choose order for the next round.

ROUND 2. Long form 10 minutes - Audience votes. trios perform in reverse order of votes lowest to highest in round 3.

ROUND 3. Sketch - One sketch.

In the 4th week, the 3 weekly winners compete for 3 crisp $50 bills!

Performances at the Mckaw Theater Chicago 1439 W. Jarvis

If interested email your team name, the names of the 3 improvisors on the team, one members contact info & ANY Sundays in July conflicts.

Tony Lawry