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Jon Cannon

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Hi all,
I'm launching a card-based improv storytelling party game called Wing It: The Game of Extreme Storytelling. The concept: players are presented with a challenging (often absurd) situation, and they need to tell the story of how they handle the situation using three of the five Object cards in their hand. In short, it is Macgyver with your friends. Stories are judged Apples-to-Apples style.

You are the daughter of the governor of a British trading port. Late one night while returning from a party, you are snatched from your carriage by scoundrels and taken to their pirate ship in the harbor. Now they are holding you for ransom deep in the ship’s hold.

A sample hand of cards:
- staple gun
- eight-pound loaf of fudge
- Russian national men's choir
- box of kittens
- set of golf clubs

Sample story:

"I distribute the golf clubs to the choir and then drive them into a blood rage by plugging them repeatedly with my staple gun. They terrify the pirates with fiery Russian anthems and beat them into submission with golf clubs, taking control of the ship and returning me to my family. They then set to sea and ransack merchant vessels and port cities in the name of the Tsar for twenty years until the very mention of "Prokofiev's Putt-Putt Privateers" strikes fear into the hearts of civilians and sailors up and down the Barbary coast."

To learn more, check out If you know people who might be into this type of game, please pass this along! And if you feel like getting a copy for yourself or backing us in some other way, go to our Kickstarter page,

Picture of game with adorable penguin mascot: