Improv and activism

Discussion in 'The Improvisation Forum' started by Shannon Manning, Feb 4, 2003.

  1. Adam talking about the power of improv for social change in another thread got me thinking, and I dug this up.

    What follows is a manifesto I wrote in the very distant past, which I intended to use for recruitment for an improv/art movement I tentatively named Fou-co-co Puffs.

    Of course, I never showed it to anyone. I decided it more meaningful and organic to try to show rather than tell. Luckily I was able to find and attract people who show me that improv is still a world of potential for love and social change.

    But I thought this might provoke some improv discussion. Fire away!


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    Hear Hear
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    Anyone of you pinkos have any ideas for guerilla activist improv to protest this war we've got coming up?

    A good friend here in New York has done a lot of agitprop theater on the streets -- maybe I should get in touch with him and see if he wants to do a joint project with the UCB's angry leftist contingent.

    PS - I just read one of your mags for the first time the other day, Shannon. Good on ya.

    - Jeff

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