Help I am having comedysportz pop-culture, accents, etc troubles!


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Trial User
I've been taking intermediate classes with comedysportz for 2 years now. Most of my friends that started at the same time with me got promoted to a performer level, but I haven't. Even though I've been working just as hard. I know why - I am just not ready. Huge part of it is that I was born in Russia and moved here in my teens, my Russian parents never watched any American television, didn't speak much English, so everything I ever learned was ether with my friends or lately just straight up bing watching anything and everything at any available hour. I never thought it would be so hard to do. It's so much information! In my defense I think that comedysportz compared to other improv places uses the most pop cultural references every show, also accents, history, vocabulary, rhyming, puns, characters, hundreds of games to remember and it feels like million other things --- while you're trying to remeber improv basics :) I enjoy it immensely but they haven't promoted me to a player level and that bugs me! I want to prform so bad! I will keep learning like I did these 2 years but I definitely don't see an end to it haha. So now I wonder if anyone here has ideas of how to navigate through huge ammounts of information like that productively? Thank you so so much!!!