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I got this string idea from the CIN board. Anytime you want to recognize a performer or a show as a whole you mentioned it in there. I thought maybe we could have something similar here. If not, then I'll just put all my props in here;)

I made the long journey down from the Far Northeast to see Rare Bird Show and Leo Callahan last night. Even though the combined commute to and from was over 2x as long as the show itself it was worth it.

It was the first time I got to see all 3 members of RBS and it was easy to see why they've been able to keep it together- it's clear they have fun and love playing with each other. The show was fun, quirky, smart and all around entertaining. Very fun use of previous scenes to inspire the next. My favorite example would be the David Souter Superfans, "SOUTER!"

Leo Callahan had a kick-ass-no-chairs-left-to-sit-in crowd and put on a very funny, fast-paced show for everyone. They had great energy and carried it throughout. Also props as they welcomed their new member, Jack!
N Crowd on 1/22

Last night I saw what was not only my first N Crowd show, but what was also my first ever short-form improv show anywhere. Even in Chicago I didn't see any. I wasn't avoiding it, it just happened that way.

The show was very entertaining and it was the first time I got to see a lot of these names and faces perform that I've seen around for months. Everyone was so much fun to watch. They handled the sometimes blah audience suggestions very well and had people laughing a lot. The show even had an unexpected reunion. It was basically an Oprah episode only I didn't walk away with any of Kristen's favorite things. At least that she gave to me knowingly.

And props to the new members who also made their stage debut last night!

So, yeah. First N Crowd show I've seen, but now won't be the last.
These new members are great fun. I may actually stop doing games with anyone but Bryan Buckley because he is the best. We also got the similarly-named Alyssa Buckley, the similarly-to-me-named Jessica Ross and the crazy-named Vegas Lancaster. Yep. I wish to give props to all of them. We had great people audition and we could have taken eight of them, but then Bryan and I would have never gotten our stage time.


Just wanted to give props to continuing cagematch champs, "The ones your mothers warned you about". They brought some good stuff tonight and walked away victorious.

And props to Amie Roe and Kristen Schier for an awesome show and inviting me to be a part of it.

And final props to improv in general. 2 awesome shows were put on of very contrasting styles and achieved super fun results for everyone involved.


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Just wanted to give props to continuing cagematch champs, "The ones your mothers warned you about". They brought some good stuff tonight and walked away victorious.

And props to Amie Roe and Kristen Schier for an awesome show and inviting me to be a part of it.

And final props to improv in general. 2 awesome shows were put on of very contrasting styles and achieved super fun results for everyone involved.
I just want to give you guys props too for a very funny set and for your original organic edits. I don't think Philly has seen organic edits like that. Maybe Ponycoat a little, but they didn't necessarily go from one scene right into the next.
RBS and CoP

Last night I caught the Rare Bird Show and Carousel of Progress show at the Urban Saloon.

Carousel of Progress, from Penn State, was a blast to watch. They clearly had a lot of fun and when that happens, of course, the audience does. You can catch them at a few shows over the next couple days. On of which is at the Shubin on Saturday 2/6 at 9:30pm.

Rare Bird Show did two sets and I enjoyed both very much. Those three playing together is always entertaining. Even while doing stripper or dildo scenes it's played smart and with purpose. Good shit.

Props to Beef last night. Angry People Building things had some fun improv insider humor that I always love. And the rap battle at the end was a blast. I was pretty impressed with Alexis and Kristen- both pretty good at spittin rhymes over phat beats. Hearing Madelin Kahn worked into some rhymes was fantastic. Andy's auto-tune commentary was ridiculous. The digital cow moo was great.

If anyone was wondering, MC Charles Rosen walked away with the title over MC White Chocolate.
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I need to give some props to Philly teams who represented at NCCAF this past weekend. I loved watching Nathan in the Rare Bird set - his ninja stenographer was a brilliant visual. And any show that can make me say "Oh God" loud enough to be heard by the rest of the audience like CUBED did is thumbs up in my book.

Also - our own Alexis Simpson was invited to perform in the NCCAF All-Star set and ROCKED IT OUT!!! She was amazing - there was one run where everyone kept tagging out her scene partner - they all wanted to play with her.

Great times.
PHIT's Sketch Night!

Props to PHIT's sketch line-up at Connie's Ric-Rac last night! It was the first time I got to see some of my hometown's sketch artists at work and saw a lot of really fun shit.

In particular I enjoyed the baby eating, bad at-bat songs, fighting video, too freaky for me song and the WHYY auction. Also props to Kent Hanes(?) for being super funny in the Feeko Factor set and keeping me from running outside, hailing a cab and racing toward the safetfy of my bed in the far northeast. I felt like I was watching footage of Andy Kaufman and Jerry Lawler and not knowing what was staged and what was real.

I was only there until about 10:30, so I missed the funny that followed. I'm sure it was all fantastic. Props to PHIT, all the sketch groups and to Philly. Looking forward to tonight's improv!
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PHIT's Improv Night

Before I retire for the evening I thought I'd post some props to the PHIT house teams for being super fun tonight! Each team had a really fun set. It was the first time I got to see the new members of Activity Book and Fletcher play and they were definitely great additions to already solid teams.

I've also very much enjoyed Greg's auctions which usually went a little something like this... "The bidding is now at face value. So if you go any higher you are a fool. Do I hear $45?"


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What can I say, even when I'm raising money for a good cause I want to let people know when they are about to get into territory that doesn't benefit them personally...
I'd also like to compliment Greg on putting on a good show and getting significantly more money in the auction than I was expecting. The only thing I wish had happened which did not would be the following:

Greg: "Item number one is this cute African field mouse. You win the auction, you name the mouse!"
Greg: "Okay, moving on. Item number two is this alligator snapping turtle. It will eat auction item number one next week as part of its daily meal. You win the auction, you name the turtle!"
Also props to Fletcher last night for a terrific show. Great memory and attention to detail, great character work, and great stage presence.
Wanted to give props to the Incubator (Rockubator) tonight. It was my first visit and I had a great time! Lots of fun improv and great voices. Also props to AJ on guitar.
Friday PHIT Line-up

Real Housewives- real fun. Boom.

Snakes- awesome! The seriousness with which they do these songs is great. Billy and Adam are fantastic and Cloe just made some of those songs even better.

Fletcher- super fun show and had more animal punnery than you can shake a stick at. Good shit.

M@&- aaalways fun to watch. It's great to see Matt make a show that's not just "watchable" as he says is his job to do, but very enjoyable.

And a final bit of props to Alex Gross who has now lived to see 21. Happy Birthday.
Props to all three Troika teams from last Thursday's show, and especially to the John Does of Confidential for a great win!

In particular, I want to say that I really enjoyed B.J. Ellis' performance. B.J. was so patient and smart on Thursday and a lot of my favorite moments from the show involved him. I loved the characters he created, especially the back-massaging repeater ("I'm a repeater") and the "crack-eye" carny.

Confidential's set-up allowed for some really great physical comedy. Props to Jake Beckerman for being hilariously carried away by a tornado or something and for Pebblemouth. All 3 John Does had great moments where they used the screen behind them to make some awesome shadows. I'm thinking in particular of Nick's taxi scene and the final scene where the chickens went a little crazy.

And of course, thanks to Viewers like You for bringing prizes!

See you John Does in the finals