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Don't know of any in Flagstaff, but there are two improv groups in Sedona. I am a member of Divine Improvidence, a long form, performance based troupe. There is another in Sedona named Abandoned Minds, that does short form and some long form. Do you have any improv experience? We are considering adding a couple people to help fill in. If you don't have any experience, Kerry Biondo of Abandoned Minds does classes here in Sedona. Let me know if you'd like further info.

Improv in Flagstaff

Hi Sabrina,

Just came across your post. I have taught improv at the local community college (CCC) and was trying to organize with Jonathan at Theatrikos to take over Beyond the Red Couch. There are not enough trained improvisors in Flag to start a group, unless they are hiding somewhere, but I'm hoping we might build that up. Are you a university student?



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Hey Sabrina, not sure if you have been getting my emails, but we have been doing some training with people to try and help us fill out a bigger cast. We had a meeting today with another venue that wants us to play there, and that would put us at four nights per week. We are a four person troupe and we are finding it hard to get four people to commit to that every week. Our thought is that if there is that much demand in Sedona, we could be doing shows in Flag, Sedona, Prescott, and Williams. Maybe do a Northern Arizona Improv Company, or something like that. The demand is there, but we are getting stretched. We would like to take all those bookings but we need more people. There is a way we can make this work for all of us, so let's get together.

Improv Group Forming in Flagstaff, AZ

I have a great space with small stage and lights for improv. I have 2 others interested - if I get 2 more i will go ahead and rent the space. it will cost us about $5 each per night. Meet Weds 8;30 pm downtown Flag.

email me at dizzyshows (at Yahoo.com
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