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Darryl Silver

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Trial User
Network Production company partnering with cutting edge app to create original content.

We work with all major cable networks and have now partnered with an existing app with over 30 million followers and over 1 million viewers daily and we are looking for FUNNY. If you want to do the type of stuff you see on Funny or Die we want to see you. If you are quirky / hip funny we want to see you.

We are creating new channels and will be casting individuals and groups with the intent to turn you into stars on our platform.

What we can offer.

We ramp our cast up with over 100k followers to start and give you the opportunity to perform in our projects as well as give you the opportunity to create your own money making projects. With sponsorships as well as paid audience.

If you are interested to work with us to build your following please send us a email with links to your work.