DSLR Gimbal Question: Best choice for a beginner


Trial User
Trial User
I am traveling for two weeks and I am going to rent a Nikon Z6 to shoot video. I want to bring a gimbal for stablization, but I haven't used one before.
I am better off getting something simple like the Roxant Pro? Or should I get a DJI-Ronin-S or something similar?
I am reasonably tech savvy and can figure things out quickly, but I don't want to spend my vacation time fiddling with something that is difficult to use or hard to learn.
The Ronon-S looks easy enough to use, but looks can be deceiving. I am also a bit leery of the weight ... nearly 4 pounds vs, 2 pound for the Roxant Pro.
But I also understand there is a huge difference in the capabilities of the two devices.
Would love some advice. Thanks in advance.