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Director and DP services

Hey everyone,

My name is David Bluvband and I want to offer my services as a video director or cinematographer. If you have a web series, short film, or sketch you want make, let's talk.

You can check out my reel of past projects here:

Email me at Davidbluvband at gmail dot com to discuss rates and project specifics.
Hello all,

You just hit the jackpot. Today is the day you decided to take that brilliant gem of an idea and turn it into KaCHING KaCHING Moneyyyyy. That one sentence from your notepad, "Serious businessmen who fart.". Well, I'd like to make it a viral sensation. Facebook! Youtube! This thing is gonna zip around faster than your new jetski, moneybags.

I, Chris Chuang, would like to offer my services as a director. I want to put you and your cool best friends in suits, holding burritos in front of a group of Japanese businessmen. I want to make your dreams come true.

But who am I? I've been featured in such places like the social media site, Facebook, and the popular viral video site, Youtube. I've directed videos for the UCB beta team Horse Plus Horse, Boris Khaykin, and my own sketch group, Missing Earl. You can take a look at my reels here and here.

If you're ready to kick your life into high gear, kickflip me an email at chris at missingearl dot com. Send me a script. We'll talk. If you're not ready, then get out of the fast lane, brother. Jump kick!

- Chris
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Hiring Coaches and Directors

IN Studios is hiring improvisation and sketch comedy coaches and directors.

Training with The Second City or Magnet Theater is helpful.

If interested, complete the link below as soon as possible: (the link is case sensitive)