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I'll put myself up here for directing sketch. I come from the traditional world of cinema (BFA in screenwriting), which is in no way traditional.

Sketch Resumé: I've studied sketch extensively with legendary Second City director Jeff Michalski. I did a workshop with Monty Python's Terry Jones, a few classes with Armando Diaz and SNL writer, Second City alum and PIT founder Ali Farahnakian.

Directing resumé: I've directed films and plays, although mostly I'm a writer and increasingly a producer. I've studied with a bunch of people, notably a directing seminar with Academy Award-winning director Claude LeLouche, former United Artists VP Stephen Bach. I've also studied Meisner with Joanna Beckson. to reach me.


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I'm totally a director!

Hey I feel like I'm late to the party, but I've been a director of stage sketch and video sketchs for around 7 years.

sadly, non of my credentials are online for you to see.

Some stage credits of mine include:

Free Lollipops - 2008 I directed this Univ. of Rhode Island Theatre mainstage play. People really liked it. I wrote it, too. But you don't care cuz you want a director, not a writer.

Bocon! - in 2004 I directed this play for Cranston High School West Theatre Co. and it went on to win the New England State Drama Festival. 30+ cast (that's a big deal)

Next! - 2005 I directed this wartime dramedy for CHSW Theatre Co. 2 person cast. Both actors now do important theatre stuff and forgot about me.

Inanimate Carbon Rod - 2001-2003 This was my High School sketch comedy group that put on shows all the time. I was one of the directors.

Film stuff:

F=MA: The Search for Poseidon - a wicked fun 30 minute sci-fi comedy about young boys and potato cannons

P=F/A: The Search for Poseidon... Again - a wicked fun sequel

Meshanticut Lake - a short lived video sketch group I helped with. Performed at UCB theatre a couple years ago. I had nothing to do with that show, admittedly, but here's a couple of their videos: (I'm the babysitter, but you don't want an actor, you want a director)

So yeah! I'd love to help out in any way possible. let me know.

Email me at mr.mendillo[at]gmail[dot]com

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My name is Leila Cohan-Miccio and I would love to direct your sketch show.

I'm the writer of This Is About Smith, which has been running at UCB since February, and I've been a member of Maude Team High Treason for over a year now. I've worked with such ridiculously amazing directors as Caitlin Tegart, Neil Casey, Ryan Karels, Chris Kelly, and Julie Klausner. I'm also a UCB sketch substitute teacher. I very much love reading and giving notes on sketches and I would love to help you with yours!

Here are some of my sketches!

Email me at leilacohanmiccio at gmail dot com if you're interested!


Expatriate Repatriates!
My Resume if You're shopping for a Director (Excuse the Formatting)

Trish Vignola
Director/AEA Stage Manager

Professional Directing Credits

The Feminine Mystake de Maat Theater Chicago
The ISPN Network de Maat Theater Chicago
Farewell to Monster Island Strawdog Theatre Chicago
Variety Schmariety Donny’s Skybox Chicago
The Greatest Porno Ever Gorilla Tango Theatre Chicago
Mandie and the Alien Gorilla Tango Theatre Chicago
Improviser – The Musical! Donny’s Skybox Chicago (A.D.)
The Line Gorilla Tango Theatre Chicago (A.D.)
Mucho Macho TSI New York
The Cube TSI New York
Of Thee I Sing Fordham U. (Main Stage) New York (A.D.)

Professional Stage Management Credits

Common Problems Chicago Sketchfest Chicago (PSM)
ComedySportz Extended Company Chicago (PSM)
Four Score… Arts Power Montclair (PSM)
Don Quixote Biggs Rossatti New York (ASM)
Hurrah At Last Roundabout Theatre New York (ASM)

Selected Production Assistant Credits

Mineola Twins Roundabout Theatre New York Joe Mantello
Corners Williamstown Theatre New York Scott Ellis
*Side Man Roundabout Theatre New York Michael Mayer
*Tony Award Winner

Selected Teaching Credits

Improv Program The Second City Training Center Chicago 2009-2010
Musical Comedy Not Your Ordinary Dancers Atlantic Highlands 2001-2006

Related Experience

Theatre critic 2009-Current
Writer/Performer *Best Church of God Chicago 2007-2010
*Chicago Reader’s Best Sketch Group 2008, 2010
*Donny Award Best Sketch Show 2008

Education Credits

B.A., Theatre Fordham University New York
M.A., American History Rutgers University New Brunswick
Second City Directing Program Second City Training Center Chicago
H.B. Studios Playwriting New York
Directing Symposium LaMaMa Umbria Italy

Hey there,

I'm experienced in directing sketch, improv, and video.
Don't have much free time now, but feel free to keep me in mind for short term projects, and will have more time in late spring of 2011.

- Heather

PS - often looking for help/volunteers working on my films, have a bigger project shooting in the end of december - reach out and let me know how you might contribute, thx :)
I want to direct your show!

Dear interweb,

This is Corey Johnson and I'd like to offer my directing services to you.

If you have a sketch show, one-person character show, or any other kind of hilarious show, I'd love to work together!

I've been on the UCB Maude team, Slow Burn, for 1.5 years, helped develop and acted in 2pac: The Musical! which ran for 6 months at UCB, as well as countless other spanks and bit shows. On the writing side of things, I was a contributing writer for the Onion News Network for 3 years and studied sketch writing at UCB with Chris Kula, Michael Delaney, and Donald Glover.

I have a solid background in theater, so I pay a lot of attention to stage picture, rhythm, and making sure the acting stays grounded... in addition to the jokes and game hitting hard.

Hit me up and we can make your show tight, funny, polished, and awesome.

Thank you for your time.

c [dot] johnson530 [at] gmail
Hey Everyone!

I'm offering up my services as a video director. If you don't know me, I currently work for the sketch comedy site, LandlineTV.

I've written, produced and directed a ton of content and would be happy to work with you on your next project.

Examples of my work can be seen here:

My prices are very reasonable and can also help connect you with a great DP, editor, whoever!

Let's make some magic!

Contact me at andrewrobertford (at) gmail (dot) com

- Andrew Ford
Hi! My name's Adam Conover, and I'd love to direct your sketch show, SPANK, or one-person show. I've been writing and performing sketch and scripted comedy for eight years, I've been a Sketch Writing teacher at the UCB Training Center for two years.

As a member my sketch group Olde English, I've produced over a hundred comedy videos, and directed or performed in countless live comedy shows, including a three year run of our show "Very Fresh" at UCB.

I also recently directed the NYPD Sit Down and Shut Up Variety Hour, I helped take from a Spank all the way to its current successful run at the UCB Theatre in New York and LA.

I know my stuff -- whether you need notes on your run-through or a thorough workshopping of your scripts, I can help make your games stronger, your jokes tighter, and your material come across more clearly to your audience.

I'm a dedicated and invested director, not one of those guys who sits back with his arms folded and says, "Yeah, pretty good, no notes" I'll be tough with my opinion of what's working and what's not, but I'll also work with you to develop fixes for those problems. I love sinking my teeth into other folks' writing and making sure it's really clicking on all cylinders, and I'd love to do the same for your show or project.

Email me at if you're interested -- let's have some fun and make great comedy!

- Adam
Hey there! My name's Alison Bennett and I would love to direct your SPANK or sketch group.

I am currently a writer for the UCBNY Maude team Beige. Prior to writing for Beige, I was on the Maude teams Arbuckle and GORILLA GORILLA. To date, I have written for more than 35 Maude Nights, and I've worked on a bunch of other Spanks and shows at the theater. I have also written comedy for MTV, truTV and Jest.

I have my BFA in Drama from Syracuse University (including directing courses), so I'm solid in the writing room AND working with actors.

Email me [bennettleigh at gmail] and let's discuss your project!
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I am a director of things!

Hi. My name is Rachael Mason and I would like to direct your sketch show, one-person show, SPANK, etc. or work with your sketch group to get material together for a show in the future!

I have been writing for UCB Maude teams since they started in 2007 (iBadger, The Skuntz, and most recently, Gramps), have had my own sketch shows run at the UCB and elsewhere, as well as teaching sketch writing at the UCB training center.

I also attended Atlantic Theater Company Acting School's professional program (which has a strong emphasis on direction), and have directed some one-acts, as well as sketch shows, in the past.

If you are interested, please contact me at rachael AT ucb comedy DOT com.

You may now carry on with your day.


Tha Dephik8ta
Nick Mendillo - Director!

Hey Guys! I'll direct your anything!

Here are my credentials:

Theatre degree from University of Rhode Island with concentration in Directing.

Since 2004, I've directed 4 full-length plays with casts from 2-45 people. Two of those plays won the RI State Drama Festival and respectively won several acting/ensemble/lighting awards at the New England Drama Festivals.

I was a director for my high school/college sketch comedy group "Inanimate Carbon Rod".

With video medium, I directed two 30-minute short films called "F=MA: The Search for Poseidon" and "P=F/A: The Search for Poseidon… Again" - both were very well received. I also helped in the direction of the video segments of the UCB Spank "Meshanticut Lake" which was performed in 2007.

I'm also the host of the Cooking/Talk Show webseries "Show Us Your Dish" which involves some level of production and direction.


email me at mr.mendillo[at]gmail[dot]com YEAH!
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Director & Story-telling coach available!


I'm available to direct solo-shows and to work as an individual story-telling coach. I co-host Stripped Stories, am a working stand-up comic & writer, am a Moth GrandSlam champion, and teach storytelling workshops. Message me if you're interested. And more on me at

Paid Gig: Casting Comedy Film short shooting Dec 3rd

Attn: All standups and Improv Comedians...

Our film crew usually work as crew on big budget films, music video's, corporate/reality... This is us branching out into comedy -

The Project is a spoof on "twas the night before christmas" - It's dark and funny, and if you're interested I'd be happy to send over the script

I'm currently in search of two comedic roles to cast as follows:

1. "DAD": (30'S - 45 Range) Must have a convincing look as the father of a ten year old - the character is a disgruntled blue collar type, druggie/alcoholic, middle to low class - good intentions

2. "MOM": (30's - 45 Range) Alcoholic stay at home mom - a bit strung out, easily excitable, rundown

As equipment is expensive, props, location etc. and we are an Independent Production, we are offering $100.00 per actor, plus meal/copy/credit
I wish it was more, perhaps as we receive funding for future projects

If you are interested, please respond to me, Julian at:
we are FILMING DEC 3rd, a Saturday, and the shoot will last all day

Auditions are nov 21 and nov 22 on long island, but if you have a link to your work, send that if you can't make the audition - that will give us a good sense of what you can do.... Thanks and hope to work with some of you funny mofo's
Acini di Sketche

Hey NY Comedymakers,

My name is Jesse Acini. Writer for UCB’s oldest living Maude team Gramp’s. All around nice guy to be around. If you’re looking for a sketch director, packet helper, tutor, drop me a line.

Since 2003 I’ve studied with a ton of great people at UCB, Magnet, Second City NY (there was one!) and independently. Worked with a ton of great people on Maude Night and independently. Helped friends with packets, taught one-off sketch workshops and put my own shows together. I’ve learned from it all! Let’s work on the project that replaced “exercise” as your New Years resolution together!

jesseacini gmail
@jesseacini – I’m a tweeter!




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I'm available and excited to direct sketch comedy shows!

My name's Ben Wietmarschen and I have been a writer for the UCB Maude team Fambly since the team began in Nov. 2010. My Fambly sketches can be found here:

I'm also a contributing writer for the Onion News Network on IFC and their web videos. And I am a co-writer of the current Channel 101 series "My Dad the Girl Bike" (

I've worked a great deal with some really great writers and directors, most notably Chris Kelly (SNL, FunnyorDie, Onion News Network) and Arthur Meyer (Pangea 3000, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon), and have been part of some great, collaborative, super fun shows and would love to use those experiences to make your show as good as it can be.

My rates are reasonable and I have flexible availability and am really excited to work with people who love comedy and are excited about writing and performing great shows.

If you're interested or have any questions, please email me at benwietmarschen [at] gmail [dot] com
I will direct your solo show.

Hey friends!
I'm Sue Smith and I will direct your solo show. Whether it's about your feelings or your silly characters, or both, I'm down to pound...out your creative dreams.

My solo show, Minimum Rage, is currently running at the UCB and was a TimeOut Critic's Pick and featured in the NY Daily News. I've taken classes at the UCB since 2007. I also write for Brokelyn and Twitter. I have two cats.

You've been wanting to write this show for years. Let's do it now, together. Maybe you took Becky's class and don't know what your next steps are. I can help you take a file folder of character pieces and turn them into a fully-formed show. Or maybe have ideas and no clue where to start. Let's talk it out.

Email me at sue dot smith at gmail dot com

I love you!
Experienced Theater and Film Director at your service

Obviously this is ridiculously late to the mix...but I'd love for people to consider me for a Director Position for upcoming sketches for video or stage work. I've worked with a bunch of Improv performers and I've always had an awesome experience.

I have years of experience as a Writer, Director, and Actress for theater, film, TV, and web series. Comedy has always been my interest and I've taken improv and Sketch Writing classes at UCB. I also recently received my MFA from Columbia University's Grad Film program where I studied Writing and Directing for film and TV.

I've had a variety of films I've written, directed, and produced in a wide range of film and TV festivals. Career highlights include a Student Academy Nomination, Semi-Finals in the Sundance Writers Lab, Audience Choice Award in the Columbia Film Festival, and Finalist at the New York TV Festival for a series I wrote.

You can learn more about me and my work (as well as see my reel) at my website at

Thanks funny people!!:up:
Hiho, Kerry E McGuire here.

I'm a writer on the UCB Maude Team Charlemagne, and was formerly on the Maude Team Thunder Gulch, and would like to offer my services as a director for your sketch show, solo show or other theatrical misadventure. I can help you develop your material to the fullest, and also to realize it to it's fullest potential on stage.

I've been working in the UCB community since 2008, and have studied with all the regular suspects: Sylvia Ozols, Neil Casey, Shannon O'Neil, Doug Moe, Michael Delaney, Ari Voukydis, Caitlin Bitzegaio, Gavin Speiller AND MORE! Before that, I worked in the NYC theatre scene for several years, after earning my BFA in acting from NYU.

My strengths lie in helping develop game to the fullest potential, and also in bringing a sense of grounded theatricality to silly, fun sketch. I love to play with fun, whimsy and silliness, and also with grounded reality. With the combination of these two elements, I hope to create something that is super funny but can also sometimes have more weight and emotion. Of course, what I would do with your show is to help you realize your vision as fully as possible. And sound less pretentious than this does.

If you want to check out some of my sketches, as well as look at a giant picture of my face, go here:

If you want to contact me, do so at mcguire dot kerry at gmail dot com. I'd love to answer any questions you might have.

Thanks a lot, dudes!
Cinematographer from WET HOT wants to direct your sketch video

I shot Wet Hot American Summer and now I direct TV commercials and sketch. I'm offering my services for sketch writers and teams that need a competent filmmaker to shoot and direct their best material. Rates are on a sliding scale.

Let me know,

Ben Weinstein