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Hey everyone.

I searched for a thread that listed the sketch directors in the NYC comedy community, and I can't find a list. I am not a director at all, but people ask me sometimes because there are so few out there. So, who out there likes to direct? Most of the people I know as good directors are just too plain busy with their own careers to take anything on right now. So, I am really looking for people who are maybe sort of new to the improv world, but have a lot of directing experience from a past life. Would you mind listing your name on this thread if you are interested in directing sketch?




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I would love to get into directing sketch. I directed a lot of stage shows in college and afterward (and of course have performed a lot of sketch and improv there and here), so directing sketch would be a blast for me. Hit me up if anyone's interested.
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I would be interested in directing sketch as well. I haven't directed in some time...I directed back at the Atlantic Theater Company when I was in school there, primarily student one-acts, which I really enjoyed.
I am on the UCB Maude (sketch) team iBadger and have had a show, Half Empty, running at the UCB since May.
I can be reached at rachael AT ucbt DOT net.
I'm currently working with several sketch groups. I'm also an improv coach, which is useful when working with groups that develop sketches from improv, and I have a background in theater directing from going to acting school. I'm always interested in directing more. You can PM me or email me at mark.grenier at

If you're looking to put a sketch up somewhere in the near future, I co-host a show called Casual Sketch at the Magnet on Sept 9 at 9:30, where you can put something up.
Directing would be fun. I ended up directing my college's sketch TV show for a semester. That was hard, but I didn't really have the experience I do now, nor well-trained actors and writers.

These days, I just make various comments while Delaney directs my sketch show and wait for him to agree with or invalidate them.


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I've been thinking about a project to start directing, while I am in no ways qualified for directing an improv show I can handle some sketch shows or one person shows.

Some of my happiest theatrical times were directing productions and I really, really need to get back into it.

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directing thread

Very interested in directing sketch for both the stage and for video pieces. I haven't got a ton of experience doing stage direction, but I've been in a handful of well-directed shows ("Now That's What I Call Rogue Elephant!" running currently) and I'm looking for any new directing opportunities.

I'm working currently with Nick Ross on a one-man character show he's written. It has a spank date on September 13th.

I've done a bunch of video stuff for Rogue Elephant (viewable on our myspace page and on funnyordie) and on my own, and I've worked professionally as an editor in documentary films for the last several years. Plenty of experience producing, shooting, directing and editing shorts. Would love to do any of this.

Reachable via email: nhpsmith (at) gmail (dot) com
I'd love to direct more shows. So far, I've co-directed Corrine Ellingson's What's For Supper spank, given directing notes to a couple prospective spank submitters and assistant directed two UCB 600 level improv shows: one with Billy Merritt and one with Michael Delaney.

Other semi-relevant facts: I'm an improv coach, on the UCB harold team TRUCKS and for some reason I'm trusted to tech The Stepfathers and Death By Roo Roo.

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I am a director.

I was a founder and director of Hammerkatz at NYU, which has since spawned Derrick Comedy and numerous other funny and successful endeavors.

I began directing film several years ago and directed my first feature this summer.

If any groups are interested in a director for filmed bits, please contact me. You can find the rest of my info in a thread I wrote in the Digtial Video forum.

But I can also direct stage shows.



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I would love to direct sketch. It's one of the few things I think I'm good at and qualified to do.

I am one-fourth of Derrick. We have written and directed sketch for the stage and screen. I co-directed Hammerkatz NYU for two years and straight-up directed it for one. Lots of cool things came out of that, as Andrew mentioned. We put up about six all-new original shows a year. I directed the Maude team Gunderson for a while. I have been around UCB for four years now, and I have seen a million shows, great and small.

I will work with you on the writing. We will find the game in everything, including things we didn't expect, like stuff that passes by the windows of the coffeeshop where we are talking about your script.


I have been a dedicated improv director for the last five years of an independent improv group and a corporate improv program. Before then, I directed challenging plays both grotesque and intellectually sophisticated.

I have long had strong abilities in communicating to and with actors, with exceptional ability in transforming inexperienced performers into rival and enviable performers. That is, if you ain't a very good actor, I can transform you into a good one pretty fast.

My interests in sketch are in working on shows that have cohesion or are working toward cohesion amongst the collected sketches. Whether it be a single theme, a single conflict, a single message, or what have you, that's what I aim to clarify in my direction and stage rendering. As a director, and I very anti- "improvise the blocking," choosing to create the blocking on my own, teaching it to the actors, and testing it out. (I've been disappointed with NYC directors who make the actors improvise blocking in the beginning of rehearsals--that is not the actor's job.)

I aim for artistry and can be very challenging as a director, having high ideals, but these are for the benefit of the production and the audience experience of the production.

I would prefer to work with cutting-edge work with biting commentary than "dick-joke" sketch. My preference right now is to work on a show with a dedicated run and set material as opposed to a show with an open run regularly incorporating new material. I tend to take scripts at face value leaving the editing up to the writers, though I will add drama theory criticism if need be to precise and refine a script and its scenes.

I am a conflict-centered director, which I feel maximizes the drama of a sketch, while also motivating the actor to use his whole person physically, emotionally, etc., in playing a scene. The product is usually very heightened stage shows. However, I also direct subtle, powerful material and find a deep satisfaction in such work.

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Like everyone else on this thread, I direct shows.

I've directed a handful of SPANKS, the sketch groups Calgary Whalers and The Def Clones, a 2006 NY Fringe Fest pick - "The Goods are Odd", and give notes to various groups at Liquid Courage. I've also co-directed a Level 600 sketch show, along side Curtis Gwinn, called "Vincent Prince Jr. Presents...."

I've also written and co-written a bunch of stuff (on stage and on tape), including "The Iron Sheikh & Friends" and "Over The Top LIVE!".

You can track me down via e-mail:


ERIC DAVIS- Award Winning Director.

My name is Eric Davis,


I'm a director and performer with a very solid reputation.

I have improvised,created and directed original comedy work for over 15 years. I work in NY and internationally.

My show, Bouffon Glass Menajoree, which I Directed and Co-wrote won the Award for Best Production at this Year's NY Innovative Theatre Awards. (It was also nominated for Best Original Short Script, Best Ensemble, and Best Director)

I am great at pulling physical/ emotional and theatrical work from individuals and groups.

You will find also find very strong Rhythm, Shape and Theme to the shows I direct.

I have background in Improvisation, Movement, Lecoq Technique, Dance, Mask, Commedia, Clown and Bouffon.
I am also very good at bringing the tools and dynamics of this work to those who do not have a background in this work.

Give me a call and lets do a trial session! You can email me at ericdavis1 (at)

For info, check out my site:
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digital shorts

hey everyone

im curious to know if anyone would be interested in teaming up to make some comedy shorts? (not a copy but perhaps a similar style to the snl digital shorts)

id be more on the writing/acting side while i'd love to find someone more interested in the directing/writing/editing side.

if so, shoot me an email: heathbrandon at gmail dot com

- hb

Just a heads up to all you talented folks.
I am finally available to direct and coach actors/improvisers. for rates. for info

Some of the stage I've directed on post college,

The P.I.T.
Producers Club
The Clurman
Shubin Theater- Philly
Under St Marks
7th Street Stage

Improv, Sketch, Film, Traditional,Contempory,emerging etc
I love directing and I love working with talented folks to make bold art.

Jason Surratt