David Iscoe is coaching/directing/editing sketch/writing in the New York City area


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Hi, my name is David Iscoe. I have been head writer and director of the web-series "GOOMF" at The Onion, a staff writer for The Onion SportsDome on Comedy Central, a script writer for a few different Onion projects, and some odd jobs like Olbermann for ESPN. At UCB, I've written for three Sketch Crams and acted in one, and written and acted in the Livia Scott Sketch Program. You can also see me around with my sketch group Blizzard of '96.

I have no formal sketch training, but have worked for Carol Kolb, Jack Kukoda, Dan Klein, Geoff Haggerty, and Sam West at The Onion, and have worked with UCB favorites like Matt Klinman, Zack Poitras, Zack Phillips, Ben Apple, Dan Mirk, Chris Kelly, and a bunch of other folks as well. I took improv classes with Betsy Stover, Kate Riley, Anthony Atamanuik, Gavin Speiller, Ben Rameaka, and Doug Moe, and fiction classes with Karen Russell and Gary Shteyngart, both of whom are funny (Shteyngart being not only funny but funny looking).

These are the names of some people I have worked with or learned from. This has very little to do with anything. Any fool with $4,000 could collect the ten best names at UCB and still be no good whatsoever, but it is customary around these parts to list the names of people who are known to people, and in my descent into cowardice I am adhering to custom.

I'm available to coach/direct your sketch group or Maude team, or to workshop your writing directly. In particular, I want to push people to see work in multiple dimensions (especially beyond the "game" model) and to get to the deeper, essential absurdity along whatever dimension is the most resonant. I'm especially enthusiastic about working on crazy experiments or with unusual voices.

discoe at google mail
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