Dave Murray: pretty amped about coaching you

I think you should be able to play with anyone and still kill it, and still have fun. I will help you make improv as simple as it should be, while letting you have as much fun as you know you could and should be having. I don't think you should ever be in a scene where you don't know what's happening, no matter how insane it is.

I've taken loads of UCB classes with people like:
Sean Conroy, Shannon O'Neill, Will Hines, Kevin Mullaney, Nate Dern, Lydia Hensler, Jordan Klepper, Abra Tabak, Betsy Stover, Ben Rameaka, Neil Casey, Ben Rodgers, Jeff Hiller, John Lutz, and Will McLaughlin.

I'm in these groups:
New Way Organics
The Dave Murray Allstars
Pool Scum
Radio HRLD
Mad Royalty

Also, just to embarrass myself: I kept a spreadsheet with notes on more than 100 Harolds that I've done, because I'm a crazy person. This is both a way to say I have done more than a hundred Harolds and a way to show you what a nerd I am.

dwmurray87 at gmail dot com