Current Improv Crushes

New York improv is taking a serious blow with Rachel Chapman moving.

Nobody has a more whimsical nature or original voice in scenes. I'm lucky I got to be on a team with her for a short time.

She's gonna kill it in LA!
Oh yeah, Luke Field- top notch in every way. Rebekah Bentley destroys every time. Trumane and Julien creep me out when they are on stage, but in the way that satisfies a weird fetish I apparently have.

Also, no one should ever forget how important Lui Vega's hand gestures are.
i just came on here to write your name and now it's gonna look like i'm only doing it because you said mine. i don't care. BRANDON TARZIS FOREVER.
Hot damn, I caught Shaun Diston's ASH class' new team harold last night and it ruled.

Really inspiring to see people do awesome pattern games and throw down hard off of it in the harold. Loved all the beats, the group games, the whole 9.

As funny a show as it was rock solid. Awesome!
last night at cagematch mike kelton got the suggestion for some kid's show whilst wearing a fedora. after he got the suggestion, he repeated it and then threw his fedora into the crowd.

it was the funniest thing i've seen in a while. fuck, mike is so fucking funny.
Last week Coworkers had a scene where Ray Cordova definitely sat down on a chair to be a king on his throne with his arms on its arms, and Molly Gaebe came out and sat on him and just DRAPED herself over his arms so he became a throne and the scene just continued and I have thought about it SO much. It was just such a fun and satisfying surprise. I loved that it was just accepted as a detail that enriched the scene without having to become the game. I dunno! I liked that a lot.
All of Some Kid, Forever

And specifically,

Jessica Morgan

Every time this performer is on stage I pay attention to her choices. They are always so particular and committed! The presence on stage elevates scenes and I'm always eager to see how she throws down an initiation. I hope, one say we can all be Jessica Morgans