Current Improv Crushes

I might be biased because I get to see this guy around a lot, but Vincent Moore made me change the way I looked at improv. His unconditional support for his teammates, and fearlessness and tenacity with which he approaches ideas constantly push me to be a better performer.

Another unsung hero of mine recently is David Greenslade. That dude constantly surprises me with his moves, and tonight I had the pleasure of performing with him in a group of similarly talented individuals. I will be thinking about "You got MARK TWAIN'D!" as I fall asleep tonight.
Anthony Apruzzese looks out for everyone on the indie scene. Dude bends over backwards to prop you up, and never takes credit for it. Nicest, funniest guy around.
Jewel Galbraith.

She is an unceasingly funny, smart and surprising player. You can do anything on stage with her and she will make sense of it and support the shit out of you. I am honored and feel so lucky every time I walk on to a stage with Jewel. She is an improv dream.
Bear Golf is for sure my favorite indie team, but they're also the best audience members. A Marlesse cackle is worth 5 human laughs, and Maritza's reactions occasionally even get applause breaks.


There ought to be a monument erected in this guy's honor for his NYComedy videos alone, but I've also been crushing pretty hard on Curtis Raye every week @ Time Capsule
Gotta 2nd Bear Gold as a team and as audience members. If you ever need to film your set, have Marlesse in the audience as she is so so generous with that cackle. You'll look like superstars.

Also Will Martinez. Always great to play with. He'll take something weak/dumb you said and make it look like a really funny thing that you came up with on purpose. Plus, he's just plain funny and keeps getting better at improv. But you know all this because you've probably played with him because he's everywhere. He's also putting up some of the most fun new shows around. Hood Gravid Water, in particular, will likely change everything. Great dude to know if you like to have fun.