Current Improv Crushes


Let us have a thread discussing our love for fellow performers. Let the competition for IRC king and queen be balanced by a cheesy lovefest in the more civilized Improvisation Forum. We can spread love to each other by discussing that inevitable factor of being part of a combined artistic/social scene, the improv crush.

My current improv crush is definitely Katie Roberts. I really find that she sets the bar for adding emotional warmth and real personal connections to her scenes. Any time Katie plays someone's mother, I find myself going "I want her to be my mom." and that's because she is so warm and genuine on stage.

AND she said I was attractive in that redhead poll! (But that's got nothing to do with performing style.)

I won't even go into the crushes I've had in the past (Delaney, Bowie, and Huskey in particular) because like real world crushes, they remain in my heart, points of tenderness.


Love Is The Killer App

Just read this article last night:

"Love Is The Killer App"

In it, there's a quote on Love with which I totally agree:

"Love is the selfless promotion of the growth of the other [person]."

<i>(from Milton Mayeroff's </i>On Caring<i>)</i>
oliver ralli

I love his on-stage energy. I wish it could be bottled and given to other people.

Also, I saw him start sobbing in a scene once and it was the greatest, funniest crying I have ever seen.
Charles Grodin.

oh wait... Improv???

uh... everyone on my new team...

and my old team...

and every other team...

aww shit. this loving everyone bullshit is so lame. i'll stick with Charles Grodin.


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My Kickass Crush

I am in love with all of my new teammates.
They are improv ass stars.

But often, a "crush" refers to a NEW feeling, so let me profess my love to the 3 people on the team who I'm playing with for the first time.

Tarik Davis:
He's got mad rhythm. He knows when to talk and when not to. When to move and when to stand still. When to raise the energy and when to drop it. He plays musically - the best way!!

Porter Mason:
Porter has been so comfortable to be in scenes with because I can't ever tell if I'm following or leading. The scenes seem to have happened because of a collective energy.

Rob Webber:
Patience. Patience. Patience. Rob never jumps at a game or a connection. And when he makes a move, it's always a good one - well thought out and constructed. I'm pretty sure that he's the three point shooter of the team.

As for Brandy, Berman, Cohen, and Regan, I already knew they were Improv Ass Stars.

Check us out, nickle lickers!

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February 21st and 28th
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the Possible Side Effects posse. goddamn, what a wonderful collective of patient, smart, supportive improvisers. hot, too. (as excellent with a pinch of Newell and a dash of Myles, muy caliente)

Matt DeCoster. So intelligent.
Jane Borden. So energetic and intelligent.
Scott Jennings. Uh-huh. Yeah.
Brandon Calhoun. Finally got to do a scene with him during the Walsh workshop, which was during one of the worst stretches of my recent life (for other reasons), and got nothing but positivity and fun out of the scenes.

there'r other folks too, but I could go on for pages and pages. I gots mad love to give.

I've always had a crush on Katie Roberts's work too. She always brings genuine emotional depth to her work-- and she makes it look easy, which is a hallmark of greatness.
I once got to do a long scene with her, and working with her was like wearing one of those floaty devices for swimming when you're a kid - you know there's no way she'll let you go under.
I :love: Katie's work.

I also have HUGE crushes on my coaches of the past year: Betsy, Ari & Curtis who are each dazzling in their insight and generosity.

And people I've had the privilege and fun of practicing with this year - Jane Borden, Mary Regan, Moji, and all the funny funny girls from Betsy's sleepover practice which was one of the kindest atmospheres I've ever worked in ... plus Matt DeCoster, Sean Taylor, Tom McNeil, Zohar etc.

I also have crushes on Andy Rocco's sketchwriting and Christina McGrath's astounding show.

And I adore the Naked Babies all. As men and improvisers.

But Katie's my improv goddess.:blush:
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It sounds like a bit, but my most recent improv crush is myself. This is new. After months of loathing most thoughts that enter my head I suddenly find myself to be a delight. I have no idea what I'm going to come up with next. Even my mistakes somehow charm me. And if I don't contribute much, I'm impressed with my own restraint. Not really joking.

That being said, I also love watching Paul Scheer. And I have a crush on Neutrino, collectively.
The Fab Four

Dannah Feinglass

Amy Rhodes

Jess Allen

Rachel Dratch

Many more ladies: you know who you are. Boys omitted, so as not to cloud their silly boy heads.
Sam Riegel

He's in Mullaney's Level 4 class with me, and he was super awesome on the first day. He made interesting choices and seemed to have a lot of fun with everything. But he wasn't there for the second class. Improv crush, where did you go? :worm:

Also, I'm in awe of Katty Biscone every time I see her perform.

Sam's in Vietnam, eating dog. But yes, he's still adorable.

Oh yeah: I also have a crush on the entire cast of "Switchblade Pussycats" as well as on the D.C. Snatch Crew. Even O'Neill.


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No one tops Mark Sam for me, well, maybe Oliver Ralli - I'll can watch that guy do the funny all day... if only he'll let me.

Don't worry PSE! I'm still your #1 fan. You guys could make my life a lot easier if you added Mark Sam and Oliver to your roster though.

Oh to dream the impossible dream.