Create moving, visual scenes that make your improvising easier

I'm Sean David Johnson. I'm a long-time performer and actor coach who studied and performed improv at the Second City Training Center Chicago and Magnet Theater in New York.

If you want to do more than talking head improv, I'd love to work with you. If you want to delve more deeply into creating a more nuanced and compelling world for your audiences, I want to work with you.

Unless you're the top of the top (and even then) wit can only get you so far in improv. I aim to help improv groups create scenes and improv sets which audiences will remember for a long time to come for their truth in environment, relationship, and honest and humorous storytelling. Instead of an audience remembering only that you were good but unable to really remember why, leave them remembering actual scenes and compelling narratives and characters. I want to work more deeply with you on the parts of your craft which free your mind and make your scene work easier and effortless.

I'm especially seeking novice to intermediate improvisers or newly formed groups.
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