Complete F**king idiots......


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Well,it's time. Time to stop lurkin' and start working. How ironic i am starting my first post on my luinch hour..

Brief bio--- 30 yrs. old, divorced, 1 child-- my pride and joy,my litle boy.

i do tech support, for internet services. Let me state for the record , that easily HALF of our customers should be placed as far away from a pc as possible. They should just put the damn thing back in the box, and go back to trying to figure out the remote control. I swear, i'm sure they start the morning trying to remember the basics-- 1) breathe in 2) hold it 3) breathe out 4)repeat steps 1 & 2

Anyway. This has actually been a slow day.Nothing major to report except that i am not feeling well. Not exactly sick,just not myself. And i NEVER get sick (except for the occasional drunken binge from time to time). I work in the call center,but from time to time ,there are customers that come to our front counter that need a little more assistance than the ladies up there can give. So , to make a short story long,one of the nice ladies comes to the call center,asks if one of us can help. I sit closest to the door,was not on a call,so i volunteered(not knowing about the customer beforehand). I walk to the front counter,and there are some women walking out,kind of giggling. (WTF???) I get to the counter and the customer is this guy----- in a dress..............................Great! How i manged to not stare,give a funny look,anything ,i still don't know. Guess i'm getting good at my job.But, i showed him where the drivers for his modem were on hte disk he already had,gave him a new one,and proceeded to just about hurl my breakfast 10 mins later. i mean, this dude???????looked bad .. 5 o'clock shadow,dirty nails,manly voice, the whole nine yards.....:puke:

Crap, just got an email from this chick i just broke up with. I ended after i had let it get too complicated (sex) and it did not end good.. She was crying and i felt bad.I never intend to hurt anyone,and i am not one of those guys that jump from girl to girl.So i end up being a prick.......again......... Damn my conscience.
Anyway,it ws a clusterfuck afterward, not wanting to be friends,wanting to be friends,and now i am ending it. No more exchanges of email,phone calls,nothing! ( i can feel my stress level going down)

Can't wait for this day to be over. It's beginning to streeeetch out, sucking out my will to live.


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shower fresh

Home now. Thank god,thought it would never end. I see i got a few views on my first post.That is nice. I knew the subject line would grab a few peoples attention.Anywho... just got out the shower.Feels nice to be able to just come in,jump in,clean up, and get ready for ................. who the hell am i kidding? Nothing.Probably another night at my friends house.Probably dinner,a movie,leave at around 10'ish. We'll call her M. Mel is the best. I have known her for almost 20 yrs. now.She is one of my best friends.(I've only got 3 real close friends,my,that will work,and my cousin, Cuz) She is the best. She works for a hospital doing mammograms and bone density scans. So iguess her day is either filled with boobs or bones. Doc works for the Sheriffs Dept. Met him when he worked with me,when we were still field tech's. And Cuz also used to be a field tech,but now is one for the phone company.Any ,back to M.The poor girl,works her ass off all day.Gets her 2 kids,comes home,helps with homework,cooks,gets them to bed ,and still has time to listen to my poor ass whimper and whine about how crappy my life is.(more on that later) She is divorced,from a real prick. Can't stand the guy,and i haven't talked to him in years,other than a civil "how you doin?' if he happens to have had his kids a particular day and drops them off.He really is an ass.(more on him later).Matter of fact,should be getting a call from M in about 30 mins.,should be getting home about then.Wonder what's for dinner?

We came to the conclusion.maybe i should just give her about $100-$150 a month,and just show up for dinner. The only time i cook is when i get my little boy,and now,that's just one day a week.:(

I used ti get him every weekend,but then i took this job,and now my off days are on Sat. and Mon. So ,i get him from his mother every(almost) Fri. when i get off.Most of the time,she is good enough to bring him to me,to my workplace. Cant wiat to see him this weekend,although,this week is different,in that i swithced a sat. with a co-worker.So i will get him on sunday for the day,and he will go back to his mom later that night.(more on THAT later) Shit. I miss him.:( But, i did call him the minute i got off work.The calls are normally pretty short,b/c he is 4. And autistic.( iget depressed anytime i here it,see it, or have to say it.Guess i'll never get used to it)But he is so beautiful,and i'm not just saying that either. I (we) have gotten several suggestions to try to model him,but, i think it would be just too much stress. He needs his routine to be pretty stable,and i just dont see how my ex does it.

Fuck, i need a drink.


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Here we are,lunch time again.And ,again, i have decidd to skip lunch, still feeling not-so-great.Oh well,it helps my so-called diet.I swear to all that is holy, i am going to buy so equipment,and start working out again.That is my plan, so all i asked for for Christmas was money. We'll see......

Lunch today is about all the only peaceful time i'm going to get.It is real busy,with real people,and unbelievably(sp?) real problems.Not just your run-of-the-mill idiots today.I'm sure they will filter in later.

Went to M's house last night to help decorate the tree,as i am the tallest person she knows.(i am just under 6') So,we did the decorating thing,got her kids to help,move it where she wanted(by the way,the guy sitting across from me has a live one,does not even realize that the modem is unplugged. Fucking beautiful).So,we got that done,i helped vacuum,clean up other little pine needles and small branches,helped fix her bed,and hell,even turned down the covers and lit a candle for her. She deserves it.

The romate Doc,was chit chatting with some girl when i got home,so naturally,i got the phone from him,asked about any friends,and asked for the hook-up.She said there was a potential friend(victim) for me,and that we would all need to go out some time.That will probably consist of going to our normal spot,even if it is an hour and a half away. But this place is off the HOOK! Always plenty of scenery,% different clubs in one,so you can always find the type of music you're looking for.Actually,the term victim is quite the opposite.Doc's nickname for me is "The Boyscout", "Dudley Doright",(you get it)I've actually had this girl we were both talking to tell me i semed too nice. Christ. We do finish last. Didn't matter much to me though. He ended up banging her in a week,while she played innocent with me.I promptly stopped talking to her. Sluuuuuuuuuuut!
But Doc recognizes them for what they are,Very few women impress him. Just one of the many.He really is quite incredible. I have actually seen him schedule one for 11, 2, and 5 in the afternon.They came, got their swerve on,and left, none the wiser.I would get jealous,and do sometimes,but, i know i just cant do that.It's just not in me. But ,fuck,some company,sometime,even for a quickie,would be nice.My own fault i guess. I guess i just need a little more. And i'm sure if anyone is reading this,you're wondering about M. maybe i'll get into that tonight......



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snack crackers

Bored. Bored,bored,bored,bored bored,bored,bored.

Waiting for my frozen lasagna to finish coking,so, i am munchin on some cool ranch snack crackers.And i almost need a cigarette.I only smoke around my friends,not a true smoker,in that i don't savor it.

talked to M earlier.Don't think i'm going over there tonight.I 'm horny and i don't want to let that weighing on my mind while i'm there.
I don't know what to say about the relationship between me and M. I've known her all my life. We grew up in the same neighorhood,the same street.There was a time during high school we did everything together.If my mom needed a pack of ciggs,we would go together.M needed to run to the mall,we went.If i was not feeling good,M would check on me and make me feel better. There was a time that i was attracted to her,and i guess a part of me still is.I honestly cant get a read on if she is or not,or ,if like me those feelings rise ,then subside.
All i know,is that i need her too much to let my fucking hormones screw up a good friendship.We semi-talked about what would happen if we hooked up,or just screwed,and we both agreed that it would just be too weird.

So,now,i'm home,and lonely,nothing to do. I also think whatever this bug is that i've seemed to have caught,has me in this depressive,don't -give-a-fuck mood. THAT I HATE!!!!!!!!! I wish i was over at M's house,even if all we do is sit around,chit chat,bum ciggs from her,and talk about how much we dont want to go to work tomorrow.Or watch a movie,or flip channels.Maybe her friend L would come by and chat too. i like L.shes very down to earth,funny,and is not afraid to say anything around me,even the first night we really met,and got a chance to BS. I would love to take her out sometime,but she just got out of a real messy relationship,and i just dont think she is ready.Fuck,i dont know if she is even interested. i can always hope and dream,right?

So,that leaves me squarely fesh-the-fuck out of options as far as trying to relieve the need to get my swerve on.I guess a need a couple of back up plans like my roomate ,Doc. has. "Always keep one or two in the bullpen" Umm,yeah, will try to .

Shit,it is freezing in here.I guess i need to take some of the blame. We like to keep it cold in the house so's we can get to sleep. If it goes over 70 degrees in here,some one must not be home.

Just checked,heater is on a balmy 66. Love it!!!!

Ok,back. Went to go burn one with Doc.Just got a call from the ex.Getting the little guy for a few hours Fri. SWEET. Starting to miss him. I havent gotten him the last 2 weekends,trying to get in a little duck hunting.i had not been hunting in over 5 yrs. and it has been great.And i can still call'em in too.Now,if only we didnt have 5000 other goofballs within 400 yards of us,it would be alright.

Shit. God sidetracked.Me and Doc went to take a ride to pay some bills ,and ride around.He takes his police unit everywhere. It's nice to haul ass up the interstate at 110 mph. It's great watching everyone getting the hell out of the way!

Anywho,he's talking to a girl,she asounds nice,trying to work the hook up with ine of her friends. Whoo Hooo!!!

Gottta go,Gotta talk to M.



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Holy SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just got a call from mom. My sister J,has lupus. It has completely shut down her kidneys for about 3 1/2 years now. That's 3 1/2 years of dialissy(sp? cleaning her blood ,whatever) 3 nights a week, for 3 hours a time.She would come home from that completely wiped out(i've actually seen her come home,and pass out ,fully dressed on her bed,and sleep straight thru til next morning!) Now,after all this time,we have a possible donor. Now she is second on the list,but if the first persondoesnt match,then she will get it(provided she is an exact match,determined after 4-5 hours of testing)

This is GREAT FUCKING NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have been looking into the possiblity of donatng one myself,but havent gotten tested yet to see if i am even a compatable donor.I am crossing fingers,praying with all my might,and just having a little faith.Not that i hope this other poor person misses out on the kidney,but, she really needs this.The dialisys is sucking out her will to live, literally.Plus ,the shitty diet she has to follow,no cokes,banannas,very,very little chocolate,etc.,etc.,......It all adds to the misery index,which is pretty high.She has handled it pretty well,but i still know she is not her true self. Prayers and thoughts appreciated!!!

I cant even believe it,my whole lunch has been a blur,it's almost over now.I'm gonna be ultra-positive and tell you,i will post the good news later!

Go Jennifer..........


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extremely bummed

Well,mom called with the bad news, sis ws not going to get the kidney.The guy in front of her was a match.................

Don't quite know how to feel,or what to say,except, in all sincerity,i hope all goes well for the guy.If he has had to endure 1/2 of what my sis did,i am truely happy for him and his family.

Went over to M's before i had found out the news,so i was over there bumming ciggs,and chit chatting with her. She looked tired.We started watching "Meet The Parents" again,she didn't even make it 1/2 way.She threw a pillow against my hip,laid down,and commensed to snoozin'. And, she has to work her other job this weekend,( 1 of 3). 2 shifts, 11 p to 7 a at the white trash hospital.But,her ex has the kids,so at least she can sleep some afterwards. Pretty sleepy myself.

That skank who called me " too nioce" called me.Wanted to know if i could help her install her internet. Now i call her this,b/c the whole while Doc was tapping her,she would talk to me and say "i think he is just looking for a fuck buddy,and i just cant do that" or,"he's not going to stay with me,so i dont think i can keep seeing him"Now this skank text messaged his phone,he showed it to me,and there were specific instructions on what time he should come over to see her(right now) how he should hit it(from behind) and that if he didnt hurry,she was going to take things into her own hands(vibrator). So i got a little pissed,not jealous mind you,b/c i really feel that i could have gone over and hit it also. Fuck,i could probably go right now(she made a mention about being lonely ,having no one in her life ,like how i have M) No ,FUCK that. Be honest. If you wanna fuck Doc,thats your business,just dont fucking boo-hoo to me about that other shit.I got enough shit on my mind, without being nice enough to give you,skank,100% of my my attention when talking about someone i'm close friends with,and your relationship with him,and you to turn around and fucking lie to me. IF YOU WANT TO FUCK HIM,IT'S YOUR BUSINESS!!!!! This is not the 19-fucking-50's anymore.i have been some womans one-night-stand a couple of times,and dammit,at least she had the balls to admit it. from the cheap seats this time ---"IT IS OK FOR A WOMAN TO WANT TO GET SOME. YOU ARE NOT A SLUT ,UNLESS YOU MAKE IT A WEEKLY HABIT AND ITS NOT THE SAME GUY EACH TIME!!" there ,i feel better now.hope that cleared a few things up.. Glad i could help.

Anyway,sleepy now,and NO,i am not going to call her and help her with her install.she can call tomorrow,just like everybody else i talk to eveyday.

By the way,any and all comments are welcome.PM me,not that i'm begging or anything.This is after all,for me.

And i'm spent.....


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No Deet tonight.

Well ,the ex called,seems her mom will be keeping my son tonight and not me:( That's ok,i'll get him Sunday. Te ex is sick,and she has stuff to do tonight,no time to bring her to her mother,so grand-ma will pick him up from school. Now,i have to find something to do tonight. I'm SURE Doc and myself can find something to get into. And , i do have work tomorrow.

Tha skank called again. i think i'm going to be Mr.-Nice-Guy and help her out.(That also eliminates another call into the call center)What can i say, i'm "too nice"...............

Its nice to have a little money too.Was down to my last $11.64 in my acct. I'll get a check for the sick time i didn't use this year,about 30 hrs. worth. A lttle more Christmas gift money. If i budget it right,i can come out of this without looking like a cheapskate.

Well,lunch is over,were kinda busy,will report on tonights happenings later.


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You're where??!!!

Ok,so i get a call from the ex's best friend about 45 mins. before i'm to leave work. She says'"you're going to have to get Deet tonight,(the ex) is still not feeling good,so far nothing on any of the tests,and they're going to do the MRI in a few mins........."
"THE WHAT? What in the fuck are you talking about??"
"You didin't know?"
"Know what? All she told me was she was feeling bad this morning. What the fuck do you mean , MRI??"
"Yes,well she has had an extremely bad headache for the last 3 days,and finally,she called me(ex's friend) when she tried to pick up Deet and couldn't. She said she wanted to go to the doctor,but me and (ex's boyfriend of 2 1/2 yrs) said no,you're going to the hospital."
"So,she was in the fucking hospital when she called me this morning,to tell me she was "sick" and her mom would get Deet tonight!? Look, i know we've been divorced ,but shit,that doesn't mean i don't care." FUUUUUUUUUUUCCK!!!!!!!!!

Now look,i would not EVER get back with my ex.That is over and done,but , jesus christ, i was with her for almost 8 yrs total(dating,engaged,married,etc.), she's the mother of my son,and you can never completely erase ALL feelings for someone you were that close to.

So,i ended up getting Deet from the friends house.On the way, the ex calls me."Do you have a second to talk?"
"Um,(ex's friend) already told me.Why in the hell didn't you let me know something?'
"Well, i didn't know how this was going to turn out,so i didn't want to tell you one thing,then another."
"You could have told me SOMETHING!"
"I know,it just wasn't the first thing on my mind"

I can understand that.

"Look,i got Deet,and i'm off the next 2 days,so just let me know how long you need me to keep him,and please let me know a little of what's going on.If anyone needs anything,don't be afraid to ask.I mean it."
"Ok,thanks Rich."
"No problem,I hope you feel better"

So,me and the little guy get a little exta time this weekend,albeit,this is not how i wanted it to come about.But,we ate pizza,watched a movie ,bathed him up,got him in bed.

Now,as i mentioned,he (Deet) is autistic.So his grasp on whats going around him is not complete.He absorbs some,some days all,but sometimes he misses a few things. So,naturally,the past couple of days events have him(us) confused.Well,to make a short story long, he is restless and doesn't want to sleep.So,after getting on his ass a couple of times,he finally settled down.

Until a few minutes later,when he wakes up,crying b/c he wants to make mommy feel better.

I am at a total loss.I am clueless as to what to tell him,other than "she's alright,she just doesn't feel well,so (boyfriend) is taking care of her.Daddy is going to keep you a couple of days ,alright?"
"OK daddy"

I forgot to mention,she called about an hour and a half before that.She sounded a thousand percent better than before.She even was complaining about how much work she had to catch up on when she got back to work on monday.She never stops.That's what makes her ,her.

So ,this post is for the ex, Am.




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tis the season

Well,got the Christmas shopping over with.Got the little guy a TV for his room,need to run a cable line to it.Or maybe i won't.He doesn't need to watch TV,it's mainly for him to watch movies on.We'll see.

Brought him to school today,the ex is still feeling bad. The MRI showed her Cat. 5 migrain she was (is)having.It's still there.She does not sound too good at all.She wanted to get Deet back this afternoon,but i'm gonna keep him till her b/f gets home.She is in no condition to run around after him. Shit,she still cant sit up in bed yet. And Deet is a wild man once he gets going.

Oh, the gifts.Yeah....Besides the TV,a couple of new Hotwheels,a track to race them on,a couple of movies(Goofy's Adventure,Stuart Little),some puzzles(he loves them at school,we'll see), and a skate board.He is quite the Xtreme sports kid. Let me tell you ....
He loves the skateboard he has at his mom's house,but he also likes to climb. There is a climbing wall at the mall,you know,like what a real mountain climber would train on.About 40 foot high(guessing).He's been to the top of it,3 times!!!! And then there ws the bunji jumping incident. His mother had noticed he had been quiet for a few minutes while outside.Then she heard him yelling for her to come help,"I'm stuck!".She finds him hanging by his belt loop on a thick bunji cord he found in the garage!!!!
"Deet,how did you do that!"
"Watch mommy!"
So,after getting him down,she and her b/f carefully gather around him,after getting him down of course,and staying very near him,so as to catch him if he falls,watch him loop the cord in his belt and belt loop,after climbing to the top of the slide on the swing set,hold him steady as he wraps it and hooks it(securely mind you) to the top of the swing set and jumps(with hands underneath him)..............Swoosh!!!!! His feet barely touch the ground and he is bouncing,giggling his fool head of,and trying to get loose to do it again(NO BULLSHIT!!! I've seen him try it with me)So there you have it. An Xgamer in the making. At 4 yrs. old!!!!

Well,looking forward to this weekend.We should be making our bi-weekly run out of town,and there is also some duck hunting to be considered. Also,I get Deet back for a couple of days next week for Christmas. All in all, everything looks good for the end of the year.---------------so far..............


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mmmmmmmmmm hmmmmmmmmmmm

Well,just got in from finishing my holiday shopping .Where in the fuck does all the money go?By the time this weekend is done,i WILL BE broke.

This weekend............a test of against woman,man against mother nature. To answer the call of the wild and the call of the loins. To make a woman swoon and wantenly beg for your body,and to lure that most dangerous of creatures,the mallard duck, to his final rest. THIS is the mission....THIS is the test.......A date on Fri. with one of M's friends,who i have thought was cute as hell,sexy,and not afraid to show it. THEN,then my friends,the bi-weekly trip to Lafayette,to the club,with Doc,Jamie,and Curtis...then,back home,eat our 3 chicken gordita crunches (apiece),and the race against time and sunrise to get to Mississippi to the hunting camp (for at least 5:00 am) to take part in the essay part of the test. THE HUNT!!!!!!!!!!!!

"you're testing yourselves right now gentlemen and you don't even know it---Billy the Kid--Young Guns

Now,i shouldn't get my hopes up too much for my date Fri.She just got out of a relationship.Plus we met as friends at M's house one night.But,after talking to her for a few hours,i really started to like her.She is just my speed,we have alot of the same opinions on alot of different subjects,and she is cool as hell.Talked to her last night for a few mins.,plan on doing the same tonight after she gets off work.she works for an independent DR. doing MRI"s and other types of imaging.She is one of the designated late people,and is supposed to get off around 8:30,but stays late alot,mostly b/c of patients running behind,trying to get things done after work. That's ok though,just called the restaurant we're going to ,they don't stop serving till 11, perfect!!!;)

Well,that's about it right now,gonna eat,burn one,and attack this pile of clothes thats built up a wall around the foot of my bed.But hey,if i let it go longer,it'll add another 2 feet to the overall length.We'll see.

Until then,happy hunting to all!!!!!!!!!!!


P.S.----no offense to any Texas fans who might be reading this (yeah right),it's just that i bleed purple and gold:up:


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Merry,merry.. happy,happy

Well,it's official. I am NOT in the holiday mood.Just got back form the annual get together at the grandmoher's house.NO FUCKING BODY brought any alcohol!!!! Do i have to think of everything? And also dropped the bomb on the family that,after putting it off for 30 years,i have decided to smoke an occasional cigarette.Woo-hoo.The gifts were nice,all i had asked for--money. so i can build a home gym(sort-of).They did get the little guy some nice stuff,and he liked all of them alot,so that made me real happy.

BUT,there's always a BUT......the night had to come to an end.the time when i bring Deet to his mom,at her grandmother's know,not to sound like all the other angst filled journals,but,it is really depressing to go there to bring him to her.Knowing a boyfriend is in there,her parents,brothers,grandmother,and about 30-40 other relatives i learned to know and love in the 8 years we were together.And it still has not got any easier being on the outside of that house,and watching her bring him in,out of my sight,and gone for another week,maybe two.I MISS YOU SO MUCH DEET. DADDY LOVES YOU MORE THAN YOU CAN EVER KNOW!

Yes,fuck you for ridiculing me for feeling sorry for myself,but he's all i have left.I am completely alone tomorrow.I dont get to be Santa,i cant afford to get him anything real nice for Christmas,and i miss letting him fall alseep on my chest,just as he did for the first year and a half of his life...every night.

The gifts i did get him,he was real fired up about,so that helps,but the feeling of loneliness is wrapping around me just as cold and gray as the sky outside right now.And the feeling is bearable,until the wind whips up to remind you that you are not always in control of the warmth you may feel at that time.Kind of a reality check from time to time. So ,YES, i am getting drunk,pissing away my sorrows(hopefully) and just waiting for the spinning hangover of the feeling goes,so that you know you can finally ,try to sleep ,without that sick feeling in your gut,that you may just indeed throw up.Because that's what this is doing to me...................................

I hope M gets home soon.Talking to her always makes me feel better.

P.S.--tell you about the date later.It went well.Details at 11:00..........


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the Christmas rush..

Well,no to be TOO negative,but,Why,in the name of all that is holy,do you purchase a new computer,and then think,"Well,i'm an idiot,i'll just call tech support and they'll get me online."

While this is a nice sentiment,i have all right to schedule an appointment for a tech to come out to re-install software for $25.
Un fair? Hell no. We already installed one pc for you. Now,you have added something completely different to the mix.So,don't tell me the installl tech did not leave the installation CD,b/c we know he did. RUN THE DAMN DISK!! It sets up everything,email,setting home page,all that. THERE I"M FINSHED.

Whew, we got busy there for a few mins. Now i'm back from lunch. Still have a few mins. left,so i decided to get out of the pissing and moaning and move on to happier things. Like,i get the little guy this Friday,and then again on Mon. since his school is out. I had already made plans to go hunting,but, i will gladyly take the extra day with Deet:D

Not much to report elsewhere...

Oh yeah,my date last Friday....went well , M's friend is the bomb!She is very free spirited,we laughed and made some of the same jokes,both like dark humor, and even hae the ablility to fuck ith each other over little shit. I hope we can go out again(she said she would like to):D

Anyway, tell you about all my handyman stories ,what with all the little chores i have done for M in the last couple of days. Ciao for now.


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Well, 8:45,and i'm feelin it.Went out with M and some friends last light to Clicks,for some drinks and some darts.Haven't played darts but 2 times in the last 3 1/2 years.So i got my ass handed to me.Oh well..............Found out while i was there that a band my older sister loves was playing picked up the cellular,called her,tried in vain to give her directions.(I mean ,who in the fuck lives in B.R. all their life and doesnt know where Hooters is,Clicks being next to it????????)Bless her little heart.

Anyway,got pretty drunk,watched the band,and they kick major ass.Did about 3 covers,then one of their own songs,rwhich also kick ass(the band is Stompin Ground,'case ya care):up:They repeated that format for 2 long sessions.

Anywho,went back to M's,and wasn't quite right to drive,so she let me it's no big deal,she has let me crash ther before ,in her bed,b/c she knows i will be a complete gentleman.Which i was.We chatted for about 20 mins,then decided to sleep,as at this time it was almost 3,and i have to be at work for 7(sucks to be me:p )

Well,i am a complete gentleman,and M is more like a sister to me than anything.TRYING to have sex with her is impossible to think about.But in my current lonely(almost needy? fuck me ,i'm pathetic) condition,being snuggled up next to her ,if only for a few mins,felt sooooooooo good. NO groping,feeling up,or unwanted physical contact whatsoever ,just resting next to her,felling the heat of a female next to me was so comforting.:angel:

Whatcha gonna do? No prospects.:wishy: And i dont go skank bangin either. Just not in me.Guess i need a girlfrind or something.Emphasis on SOMETHING!

Well,gonna try to limp through the rest of the day.Wish me luck,i already know i need it:p


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not an outage!!!!

Ah yes,the idiots are out in force!!!! We had a helluva storm last night.Damged the building we work in,a few across the street,and more and more headed towards downtown.Now, of course,there are thousands of people without their precious internet.And they are calling in by the hundreds.Now i know,i need them to call or i dont have a job,but , how can you be so stupid? Did you not hear the thunder shake your house last night?And yes,if the electricity is of,it's a pretty safe bet that the internet is down also.What's that you say?You say there is a cable line down in your yard? Ok sir,i cant hear you,could you turn the TV down a notch.Ok thank you.By the way,your phone is breaking up,are you on a cell phone?you are! ok,and you say it is a CABLE line down in your yard right?(Can anyone be that fuckin clueless? The answer : YES.

Anyway,hope the bonfire we go to tonight lights up,after that 2 hour downpour last night,may need about 10 gallons of gas to get it to stay lit.we'll see.

Getting a little concerned with M"s friend , L, who i went out with a couple of weeks ago.Called her twice on her cell,left a message both times,no call back.Guess if she doesnt call me back,that will be the end of that.i'm not beggin.

Of course.that leaves the list of potential prospects way thin. I swear,hooking up with M(our joke) is beginning to look better and better.Not that i have a NEED to hook up with anyone,it's just that i dont do the whoring around,so a steady would be fine with me.What can you do ,what CAN you do?:confused:

but ,anyway,i hope everyone the best tonight.Drink too much,get laid,and sleep it off in the morning.JUST DONT DRIVE!!! i dont want any of you idiots hitting me on the way home.I will have a DD(prolly M).so i plan to get all shitfaced and silly...........
So,have fun , i'll holla!!!

And ,um, oh yeh, daaa daaa da,DA! GEAUX TIGERS!!!!!!!!!


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1373 seconds.....

Thats how long you're waiting to talk to us here in the call center.I have no idea why we are so busy,with 10-15 calls waiting.I'm on lunch right now,and i am NOT coming back early.I was late logging in today b/c i lost my badge,and had to wait for someone to let me in.And i got here 15 mins early..

Not going hunting tomorrow like i had hoped,but will prolly go out with M and Laura tonight:up: Laura's the bomb. Dont know if the feeling's mutual,but sure as hell gonna work on it tonight. I needs a lil sumthin,sumthin. Been awhile,you know.Of course if that fails,i can just jump in the bed with M and snuggle up,a not too bad consulation prize.

The Hot and Spicy beef from around the corner is just that! Fucking hot! i drank three cold drinks and didnt even eat half of my stomach is feelin it.trying to put the flames out with a couple of Dr. Peppers. may get ugly in a bit...

Well,this was just a nooner,try to put more interesting stuff up later. Till then................ALWAYS a Tiger Fan!!!!!!


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mmmmmmmmm hmmmmmm

What a slacker. been a few days.

Well,had a pitiful,uninspiring,self -pity meltdown last night. Doc talked to me,got my mind right again. He is a dick sometimes,but he is a TRUE FRIEND. He just text messaged me " The sky is the limit,and i'm in ur corner". They just don't come as genuine as him.

Finally got my weight eqipment. Gonna start out slow,jumping some rope,light lifting for about a week. I haven't done any athletic type activity in about 4 years..Weights? About 10 years.This should be fun.(Heartbreak Ridge--"It smells like a Ben Gay factory in here!")

Well,not much to reprot.Oh yeah, M's friend Laura,who i went out with a few weeks ago is going thru an emotional crisi from her ex she just broke up with,so she's not look ing to hook up with anyone,or even go out. Sucks for me. That is about my only legitimate prospect,and it goes merrily down the shitter.

Fixin to look for a second job.Need to start making some progress.Really need to get a new car.The POS i have is sucking out my will to live.And i'm looking at putting money into it that i really dont want to. Brakes,tires,HEATER,and i need to fix the headliner---starting to sag.

That's about it,nothing glamorous or sexy,but it is a journal entry,b/c i am determined to keep it up.maybe more tonight after i get a haircut. Starting to get shaggy.

P.S. - to all longhorn fans,,Good Game,you deserved it. Maybe next year,eh? GEAUX TIGERS!!!


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Alrighty then....

So,it seems SOMEONE is reading this.I'll try not to be boring.

Got graded on my calls to day. 2 scores in the mid 80's,and 1 100%. Normally i have high 90's or 100's,but ,what the hell,gotta have a bad day sometime ,right?
Now,the main killer on these is that i don't apologize for the customers inconvenience. No ,why the hell should i apologize when the first thing out of their pie-hole is "um,yeah,like i think i forgot my password?" What do you mean you "think"? Did you or didn't you? Don't you KNOW if you forgot something.B/c if you didnt forget it,you would fucking know it! And another thing,i KNOW that out of about 35-40 calls i get a day, I KNOW that 6-7 of you DID NOT just format your hard-drive ,and need help getting back online. B/S! And by the way,Mr. PC Repairman.if you feel confident enough to format ,why cant you understand how to run the damn install CD we gave you? It auto-runs! Everything is done for you,all you need to do is click either " NIC or USB" and type in your fucking name and password. (
"i swear to god,the whole fucking world is against us")

Stayed at M's last night,helpng her play Rock n Roll jeopardy(group effort) with L. She is so funny.Still would like a couple of nights with her,but,whatcha gonna do?We stayed up till 1:00. So,i am FEELIN it today.Wann go to sleep right now,but,decided to check in with the juornal,and check on some of my favs to read. I just LOVE Sugar-snit!! She is the mad-noche! Keep it up girl.Of course,Ali's stories are the shit also.There are alot of others,and i would want to offend anyone(even though "I" dont care WHO reads mine). But i cant quite dedicate my self to catching up from the beginning on all of them.Sorry.

Crap,getting busy at work now,need to wrap this up. Holla atcha L8R!



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Slackin, again...........

Alrighty then.Here at work on a Monday.Yep,forgot to include that i have the little guy all this week while the ex is in Vegas with her family.So, i came in today to get some extra hours that i will miss coming in late and leaving early so's i can get him to/from school on time.

Grilled up some steaks on the pit last night. Fucking fantastic!!!Doc's mom had stopped by to check out his coffe tablle and end table he had ordered for the living room,way back when he moved in. They were nice of course,he did not go cheap on anything.He got some nice stuff.Anyway,she said the steaks were great,doc liked his,and mine was excellent ,if i do say so myself(and i do!)Normally i dont do steaks all that well,but these were great.

Went out on Friday night,another move from the norm.We went to a club that has a comedy club in it.We got there about mid-way thru the act. I literally almost pissed my pants he was so funny.He did impressions,comediens,actors and other well known people singing..jack Nickolas doing "lights" by journey.Hillarious!!!He had a guy with him going thru the crowd getting suggestions on what to try next. Naturally he comes right up to us the second we walk in.Doc suggests "pour some sugar on me". So he throws that out,to be sang by Arnold Shwarzenager(sp?)(you know who the fuck i'm talking about). After that riot,he went into famous black comediens, singing.songs,Bill Cosby,Richard Pryor,Chris Tucker,Eddie Murphy,and others. Fucking Phunny!!!!

The Finale..........Mr. Rogers Crack Neighborhood. over to visit: kenny and cartman from South Park; Shaggy and Scooby,Homer Simpson, Beavis and Butthead,and a few others.I cannot describe how well he pulled off the Cartman and Homer impersonations.I spit my drink all over the place when Cartman gave the joint they were trying to light to Beavis,(fire,fire!oh,wowo,this is some god shit Butthead,nnnananananqnnananananananananan"I am the great Cornhoolio! Ineed to blow ganja smoke out of my bunghole!!) Then ,Cartman gets a drag,then proceeds to do "RED ROCKET,RED ROCKET " on Scooby. I was fucking hurting after that!!!! Money well spent.

Not much after that,didnt talk to M much this weekend,so i'm sure we'llcatch up this week. Doc needs to PAY THE PHUCKING PHONE BILL!!!!!!!!!:flip:

There,a short summary of this weekend and a short rant.More later,as i leave work early to go p/u DEET!!:up: L8R!!!


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Ok,well ,the first workout in ten years hurt like a son-of-a-bitch!!Didnt do much really,jumped rope for about 10 mins,then 3 sets of 10 on the bench,a few (few) curls(before deciding i would work on those tomorrow) and then 3 sets of 10 military press, That is the first time i have ever felt instant relief from a steaming hot shower.i could actualy feel the pain washing away.i hope doc is serious about getting a jacuzzi,that would kick ass

in other issues around MY life,the little guy was good today,but at the end of the school day had informed his teacher "i would really like to go home now". Ain't it beautiful?

Also,M and some other friends i have met thru her decided today is when they were gonna start jogging.We all have a spare tire or two,as Skooter put it.I am invited to go tomorrow,but i did tell them that i need to do my workout first.(This should be fun, i hate, no wait, dispise? no,no,no,no wait, loathe! jogging.)I ran track in high school and still didint like to run.I was a sprinter,short distances you see. You want me to run HOW far to warm up? a mile? man that's a long fucking way!So,while i can still run pretty fast (for a caucasian) for short bursts,all day long,running for health just doesn't appeal to me.Oh well,maybe the company will keep me motivated. we'll see.........:confused:

Also,i STILL have no prospects of the fairer sex with which to spend some "quality time". This is beginning to make me lean towards going on a skank banging binge. A man gots needs,right?

Well,thats about it for now,will try to give out some more lunch time reading material for those that do read on tomorrow.till then



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All smiles

Why? Dunno.Just in a great frame of mind right now even if it is extremely difficult to type right now.Picking up weights after a 10 year layoff reminds you no truer phrase was uttered " no PAIN, no gain". And i am really not doing jack shit as far as a workout is considered. BUT!!!! But,i am going jogging again tonight(went last night with M and Dianna, Skooters wife.. well,she mostly walked,me and M ran about a mile and a half steps people,baby steps) Now,if i can keep from completely stuffing myself on Dianna's lasagna she is cooking tonight, YUUUU UUMMMMM!!!!

Me and the little guy have gone to the park the last 2 days,and it has been great.From us both on the swing,him holding on for dear life,to sliding down the slide,to watching him pretend to be a fireman putting out fires(sliding down a pole that is part of the jungle gym there) he has been smiling non-stop. I actually get so welled up with emotion inside i just wanna burst. if i do nothing else for him the rest of his life,i hope i can make him laugh and smile:) :D

Well,that's about all right now.Gonna try to keep this pos - o - tive frame of mind whilst jogging.Hope the shin splints dont return!

i'm out, R.