Comedic Magic Act - Call for Candidates


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Commissioning an Unnamed Magic Act (TBD)

Show Description

• A one time or limited series live performance magic routine, lasting between 45 to 60 minutes. The performance will consist of multiple magic tricks, increasing in difficulty. During each trick, and throughout the entire show, the magician will act as if the success of the trick is uncertain. While each trick will ultimately be performed successfully, the increasing elaborateness of the tricks should leave the audience with increasing doubt of their success.

• As each individual trick progresses, the magician will become flustered and nervous. Examples include: pausing and breathlessly whispering "Oh, god."; shakily fumbling with props, in a manner that denotes fear or uncertainty; pacing back and forth, attempting to set up or pull off a trick that requires the full stage, while saying "wait, wait...hold on, hold that's not right....ugh...let's just roll with it"

• The show should channel Andy Kaufman in its awkwardness and creation of an uncomfortable feeling, blurring the lines between planned performance and improvisation. The audience should be laughing at the struggle, mildly anxious that the trick will fail, and impressed by the overall magic. By the end of the performance, the audience should be uncertain if the trick will be completed, rooting for its success, and laughing at the breathless anxiety of the uncertain magician.

Candidate Description

• Candidate should have some stage experience, either through acting, improv, or magic. Candidate should provide either video evidence of experience or a schedule of future appearances. Comedy or imrov groups are also encouraged to apply.

• Candidate can email to set up interview times

• Candidate will be paid $500 to plan and perform the show once, there will be the possibility of future performances (compensation will reflect those multiple performances)