3-2-1 - Improvapalooza Time!

Here comes Improvapalooza! DC's celebration of the creativity, risk, and joy of improvisation. Shows will be WE - SA Aug. 24-27.

Improvapalooza submissions now being accepted. Deadline to submit is one week from today.


Query! Caucus! Lobby! Make sure that when you have a great conversation about a great show idea, someone actually SUBMITS IT before the deadline!

Ensembles and Harold Teams can use this as an opportunity to mess around with new formats/ideas together, but you should also think of this as a great opportunity to ask some new partners to dance. Play promiscuously!

Clear your calendar so you can take it all in - there's going to be a lot of crazy brilliant and crazy trainwreck on display. Bring your share! Huzzah!

Any questions - please send them to Mark Chalfant, artistic/executive director: mark AT washingtonimprovtheater.com .

There will be Improvapalooza!